Facilitate the use of high-tech 7-11 convenience store delivery UAV k9084

The convenience of high-tech 7-11 convenience stores began to use the UAV delivery from the tungsten wire net for UAV delivery from the UAV since the birth of the major electricity supplier companies, logistics companies, has been trying to push things, and 7-11 company to realize the catch up from behind the first single commercial UAV delivery transactions. According to reports, the United States 7-11 company that day with the Flirtey unmanned aerial vehicle company, the clerk will be ordered by the customer’s food into a special box inside, and then start 2 Flirtey unmanned aerial vehicles to the customer before the food. Arrived, each container by the rope slowly fell to the ground, by the customer to check after the removal. From the shop to the family’s flight process, full use of non GPS system with man-machine positioning, the UAV flew a total of about 1.6 kilometers, only a few minutes to this with a chicken sandwich, hot coffee and donuts to the customer hands of air express. After the beginning of the March, Flirtey UAV company completed a single delivery test, is believed to be the first fully automatic and legally in the United States UAV delivery. 7-11 Chief Marketing Manager Jesus Jenkins said the UAV delivery to the consumer the most convenient mode, it will redefine the meaning of convenience, hope that the future can be all category store in a few minutes by the UAV delivery to the customer. In the country, Ali, Jingdong have also begun to layout, such as Jingdong is the delivery of goods from the township to the village of a village in the hands of the distribution station, and then by the promoters to the hands of the villagers. Different from foreign countries, the Jingdong of each route are fixed, will avoid crowded areas and high voltage lines, as far as possible from the shuttle in the field, taking into account the very thoughtful. There is no doubt that UAV delivery will become a trend in the future, all day delivery, delivery will become a reality in the near future.  相关的主题文章:

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