Everyone game six years of wind and rain will become the capital of the new three board turning

Everyone game six years of wind and rain capital Road: three new board will become a turning point? Sina finance three new board recently, everyone released a public transfer game instructions, to be listed on the new board. In 2011 A fighting spirit soars aloft. NYSE, 2015 overseas delisting, now back to the new board, the distance of all the game has been established for 10 years, today we say it change radically story, and also cherish the memory of the youth. Everyone is backed by a good shade tree because of "wrong" was blocked in 2006, all the game was first established, backed by the parent company walked, it was so smooth. The 2008 launch of "game" mumbo-jumbo explosion adventures "great success; in 2010, the smell of a huge market Mobile Games market, launched the" chaotic world "follow up a victory with hot pursuit," iron marshal "models such as the number of cross screen games, open the screen mode. However, in the tactics, but the company "wrong": the use of mobile phone App Store apple early regulatory loopholes, all the game through the brush list to make their own games to occupy large area App long list, and in 2012 to achieve the game business income doubled success. But it’s always going to come out. Apple Corp over the reaction of the game to block the developer’s account, all games across the shelf. In the hand travel market action began to be rare, but instead of foreign investment has become the company’s main business direction. Everyone in the game during the reporting period of major foreign investment, including: you can see that in recent years, the game of foreign investment action is more frequent than the game business. However, a series of moves to the whole industry chain comprehensive game company, so that the company is facing a greater performance pressure. With the signing of the shareholders "commitment to performance and compensation clause" is to let everyone play teeter. Announcements, all games 2014 year 2015 revenues were 207 million yuan, 107 million yuan; net profit was 22 million 710 thousand and 800 yuan, 26 million 260 thousand and 400 yuan; 1-4 month operating income for all games in 2016 was 24 million 361 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit of 6 million 437 thousand yuan. The old game new game operation cycle is long, lean, investment performance increased pressure, making the game all the road gets tough. Also worth mentioning is that everyone in recent years, a significant number of layoffs, has more than 1600 people from the peak period to the end of 76, the people of the year 2015. Before listing the new round of financing valuation of 348 million yuan in November 21, 2015, according to the assignment of all the game CEO ho led the game business team to sign "on the purchase of" Renren Inc. "game plate frame agreement", the main contents of the agreement: He Chuan game team through the establishment of the holding platform, the introduction of outside investors to increase 120 million yuan to all games the completion of the acquisition. In March 2016, with the demolition of the architecture of VIE, Guangdong trillion capital, Hengqin youth nine institutional investors 118 million yuan capital increase for all games. According to the transfer of the book, the added value of the game for everyone to 348 million yuan. This theory相关的主题文章:

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