Electronic invoices to break through the mobile phone anytime, anywhere mmhouse

To achieve a breakthrough in mobile phone electronic invoice issued Beijing – whenever and wherever possible the new network in August 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Gao Kai) micro ticket 30, announced in Beijing, located in the electronic invoice application service small and micro enterprises to complete the deployment of mobile phone APP+ ticket Tongbao, implementation of electronic invoices can be mobile phone whenever and wherever possible. The electronic invoice has been widely used in Europe and the United States, compared with paper invoices, electronic invoices to reduce taxpayer operating costs, save social resources, convenient for consumers to save the use of invoices, plays an important role to create a healthy and fair tax environment, it can save printing, storage, delivery cost, convenient storage, query etc.. The State Administration of Taxation "on the implementation of the relevant issues concerning the value added tax invoice of value-added tax system of electronic ordinary electronic invoice notice" clear the legal effect of electronic invoices, electronic invoices in 2016 is the fall of the year, mobile phone charges, fuel costs, property costs, fast food, courier fees will gradually replace electronic invoices, electronic invoices it is changing people’s lives. The electronic invoice early deployment of high cost, low cost Small and micro businesses how to deploy the system simple, how to bear the most Small and micro businesses account on behalf of the company by the electronic invoice convenience to improve the efficiency of the emerged problems. Micro ticket overwhelmed by the release of mobile phone APP+ positioning in the reign of ticket. The application of mobile phone anytime, anywhere to open electronic invoices to support the return red, personnel management, customer management, statistical analysis and other functions. The micro ticket at the conference site using a mobile phone out electronic invoices in less than a minute, a large online accounting accountant has been automatically generated accounting documents, electronic invoice has been attached in the document. The application of fast realization of electronic invoices and accounting online order form automatic closed loop, automatic generation of accounting voucher machine. China Association of certified public accountants, China Association of small and micro enterprises, the National Association of accounts and accounts on behalf of the company more than more than and 160 people attended the day conference. (end)相关的主题文章:

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