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Drama "war horse" Chinese version of the tour ending kissing Wang Chengyang horse Tencent entertainment news the day before, China jointly built by the National Theatre and the UK national theatre drama "war horse" Chinese version 203 tour perfect curtain, this is a friendship, courage, fortitude, faith story, a about romance, Sagittarius warmth of the shining glory of humanity. Drama "war horse" and the interpretation of the first World War, a British farm boy Eyre Bert and beloved horse "Joey" (Joey) divided by war, but eventually returned to his hometown again the extraordinary story. In the play Eyre Bert Wang Chengyang, because of its clean and clear eyes and solid theatreperformance skills one eye was "war horse" British director Alex Sims selected. After 3 months of closed training and the national tour of the 203, Wang Chengyang has a unique interpretation of the profound friendship between Albert and the president of the United States of America, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and China, after the first half of the tour. Every performance to Albert and Joey meet again, the audience began to look for paper towels, the touch between the people of this simple emotional touch gave the drama enduring life. No drama, Wang Chengyang and Joey are my horse and horse devotion, he also even established a special way of communication — each stage before going with Joey "head to head" to establish a connection, let yourself calm down into Albert and Joey belong to the world. "War horse" last show curtain call ended, Wang Chengyang is still in the background for a long time with Joey in the side, then stepped forward and gently kissed Joey on the cheek, patted his forehead last good-bye. It is reported that the new generation of directors, actor Wang Chengyang, graduated from Central Academy of Drama, director of the Department of. At the age of 11 in the new TV series "the deer" (Huang Xiaoming Jordan Chan edition version of Tony Leung version) as young Wei Xiaobao, who behaved stubborn son Liu Xiaochuan in the movie "king and his son"; 13 years old won the thirty-sixth International Emmy nomination for best actor Emmy Award, became the youngest actor nominee; 16 she entered the Central Academy of Drama director, during the University as the ninth Beijing Film Festival Youth charity ambassador, "directed by Rome by short form" by "the Beijing Chaoyang University Art Festival" short film category Award for outstanding works. Recently, Wang Chengyang after the end of the tour "war horse" Chinese version, starred in another costume fantasy film "peerless Princess" Yao, played rock. From the stage to the big screen, stage more than and 200 field experience that he will become a valuable asset in life.相关的主题文章:

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