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Don’t make trouble to your parenting experience in laws – Sohu maternal course of ten months pregnant with the baby’s life, a "quack," a prospective mother was promoted to treasure the mother, there is joy and moved only treasure mother and bacteria can resonate in October. Baby to treasure the mother countless surprise, of course, occasionally with some surprise, let his mother’s heart is yichanyichan. Often at this time, there will be a big wave from the laws suggest smashing to treasure the mother, mother is a bit confused, opinions abound, that the homes that the treasure, mother is crazy. Do not worry, do not catch anxious, in October, the bacteria were prepared for a new mother’s taste of the feast, you treasure mom just enjoy it, do not be too touched oh! 1 the first before the meal soup: Mo to compare yourself with other Tang mother mothers were compared, because more often will the new mother thought the happy life to disturb, when someone’s husband always what others, you don’t always thinking, or more attention with their husband the baby home, in this way, your happiness index will go up slowly; not for their own parenting than other mothers feel inferior, you know the baby has made the field force, and he continues to do the best, so his mother should know how to praise yourself, often give own a big Yes. 2 second appetizer: the heart of the mother is the baby intuition, mothers need to make good use of the heart, phase Believe this intuition, if you want the baby to sleep in your arms, don’t let the baby lying in the cradle, if you think the baby crying is to let you hug her, then hug her, so not only can let the baby get comfort, and can prevent caused by excessive crying baby colic. (reminder: beware of the crying baby to take Baoma as a weapon, intuitive judgment) 3: third hot dishes, many financial prospective mother found themselves pregnant baby love overflowing, in meet the baby before birth has even as he carefully prepared all the activities before kindergarten, turned out to let dad quasi love they whispered, before it was not so thoughtful ah drop. When the baby is born, treasure the mother are shocked by the baby’s consumption thought, can use three years of baby supplies, up to a year on over, treasure the mother can not help but sigh "baby is a bottomless pit, no money to the mother vulnerable vulnerable!" Therefore, financial management has become one of the required courses, the baby’s expenses, including the orderly implementation of the baby plan. 4 fourth cold dishes: cool new character will have a great influence on the character of children, if they will treasure mother excited, crotchety, that your baby can suffer. His nervous system will be his mother’s roar damage, inhibit the neuropsychological development of the baby’s serious point will cause the baby language ability, activity ability, external knowledge acquisition ability is reduced, is very sensitive to the external environment and people, the lack of a sense of security to show withdrawal!相关的主题文章:

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