Do not eat meat on the team Fu Yuanhui they can’t control me (video) running man20130526

Do not eat meat on the team? Fu Yuanhui: they can’t control me [Abstract] recently, sports star Fu Yuanhui’s variety show "tonight" paramount, accepted the interview of venus. In the program, Fu Yuanhui eat meat, was questioned by Venus: in the team is not eating special control?" Fu Yuanhui at the scene also respond domineering. Fu Yuanhui blind exposure swimming team Insider: Yang Ningzetao sun all tired of Fu Yuanhui respond domineering Venus touch to interview Fu Yuanhui Tencent entertainment news recently, sports star, walking expression package, red net trend Yuanhui Fu guest variety show "tonight" paramount, accepted an interview by venus. In an interview with Venus on the side Braised pork in brown sauce and Fu Yuanhui share, and asked the team usually in order to control weight, are not allowed to eat. Fu Yuanhui: they can’t control me respond domineering. Upright character glance. In the program, Venus as a senior and over the people, naturally want to teach some of Fu Yuanhui’s life experience, bluntly pick the other half: before marriage look, look after the marriage character". "The only girl" was stunned, while the meat into his mouth while showing a "cynical" look, said: "it’s easy for men only, he first. You get your heart to you after you don’t love." In the show, Venus homeopathy also referred to these countless young girls coveted "nest side grass", but Fu Yuanhui seems to be the "nest side grass" is not interested, but face care said: "they are very good, but they are tired of watching." Provoke Venus can not help Tucao: we have not seen enough, really do not know the hungry hungry." Fu Yuanhui is stunned: is the chest muscle, touched almost every day."相关的主题文章:

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