Discipline really makes people not free

Discipline really makes people not free it is discipline law, truth, method, way, later should "to follow the precepts." if you ask some people: "are you a Buddhist?" They will blurt out: "a buddhist!" If you ask again: "have you changed?" They either say: "no!" Or ask: "I believe that on the line, why do we have to convert it?" If you continue to ask: "why don’t you convert?" They say, "is the conversion controlled by the Buddha?" Or say: "conversion can not eat meat, but I still like to eat meat, how to do?" Or "is it not to be able to do this?" Some people even worry about, said: after the conversion, I am afraid I can not do, but by the Buddha’s punishment." To sum up in a word, they are spoken about Buddhism, or that they feel is to hold on to many in their opinion it is very difficult to do so rather than to their own set of precepts, not free, is not converted, and even the Buddha’s door isn’t in. GUI, also return, will also take refuge, too; in accordance with the lean, lean, also, also rely on. If he believed in Buddhism, and even to all have no, then at least to be sure, the so-called letter, not true, two are not sincere, that is to say, in fact is not true faith is not faith in Buddhism, there is no confidence in myself. The conversion of Buddhism, through the appearance of the ceremony of respect, but from the heart of the Buddhist monk’s trust. Buddha, the Buddha Buddha form for Shakya Muni, the essence of "consciousness", namely access method, the truth of life in the universe; the form of Shakya Muni Buddha preaching Buddhism, is essentially a "correct", namely the right view; the monk, the form for at least four composition of the Sangha, this matter for "pure", i.e. undisturbed. If that is converted to Buddhism Sambo, that can not be converted to outside, it can be said that you are a Buddhist. But the Buddhist tolerance also allows you to quit after the letter to other religions, or do not believe in any religion, but at the same time also open the door to you, you are always welcome to return to convert. The conversion itself is a kind of spiritual practice, so even if it has been converted, it can be repeated many times. To the original meaning, is to rely on the Buddhist monk’s compassion, wisdom and strength from samsara is pain, no longer subject to the constraints of the six realms. So, the fundamental purpose of the Buddhist practice of enlightenment, is free from the shackles, rather than from the set of chains. But it is interesting or dialectic, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, on the way of practice, you must keep. Precepts, precepts, that is also prohibited. What is forbidden? Check evil also. In other words, you have to release the shackles, you have to "restrain" yourself. Because a lot of people heard the precepts, and stop in buddhism. As everyone knows, discipline is the law, the truth, the way, the road. The last words even bright, he should go after the later "the precepts". If you want to see, if there is no regular high-speed operation of each planet in the universe, the right side of the left and right, that the universe has not yet been a collision explosion? If there is no rule of law in human society, everyone can look like.相关的主题文章:

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