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Dalian Urban Construction Bureau of good repair hundred victory bridge said I do not know is the heritage of Sohu news victory bridge (then called "Japan Bridge"). The data map of Liaoning Suizhong "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall disappearing just after the event, surging news () and Dalian received a public bid, said Dalian city a municipal cultural relics protection units" Japanese bridge site was suspected of illegal maintenance, bridge facades of reinforced concrete structure by shovel out, direct smear with cement bridge, history style suspected destroyed. Surging news recently by the Liaoning province and Dalian municipal cultural relics management department confirmed that the responsible for the maintenance of "Japanese bridge site" is a unit of Dalian City Construction Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the "Dalian City Construction Bureau), the maintenance project is not submitted for approval. The unit that makes the design of the construction project does not have the qualification of the investigation and design of the cultural relic protection project. In this regard, Dalian City Construction Bureau based off personnel said in October 31st, after the victory of the bridge is not clear municipal cultural relics protection units, due to disrepair, there are security risks, Wailimian several things fall. However, the repair has not stopped. Dalian City Construction Bureau, said the bridge under the railway, such as downtime can not avoid security risks, can only be repaired after the end of the bridge body, and then the external facade for proper repair. The public to report Dalian cultural relic protection units destroyed "the Japanese bridge site is located in Zhongshan District of Dalian city Shanghai District Xigang road and unity Road Interchange, which is now the victory bridge. The bridge was once the South Manchuria railway". In March 2013, the Dalian municipal government announced the Sixth Batch of Dalian municipal cultural relics protection units, a total of 42, "the Japanese bridge site among them. This is a witness to the hundred years of wind and rain bridge, known as the "city of Dalian". At the end of nineteenth Century, the Russians in the territory of Dalian South Manchuria Railway has built a deep groove above 27 meters long, 3.6 meters wide cross line Russian wooden bridge, which is the earliest history of the Dalian bridge, the Lucia bridge (Japanese name for the bridge). After the Russo Japanese War, Dalian as an important city of the South Manchuria Railway, was assigned to the Japanese colonial territory. The withdrawal of Russian troops in Dalian, the Lucia bridge was destroyed, the Japanese occupation of Dalian after the repair. In 1907, Japanese will bridge demolition and reconstruction, which lasted nearly a year had been built, named "bridge of japan". Japan bridge length of 97 meters, a width of 22 meters, for the Milan type reinforced concrete continuous span of five real arch bridge. Bridge, bridge, bridge, bridge columns are granite masonry and above carefully carved out the Renaissance style pattern. At that time, the tram in Dalian passed through the bridge.相关的主题文章:

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