Cui Shunshi complained to the frequent Park Geun hye call annoying

Cui Shunshi complained of frequent call park: annoying original title: bestie Cui Shunshi complained that park Geun hye call too much: it is boring! Global network reporter Yu Pengfei reported [] according to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on October 31st, South Korea JTBC TV 30 day and night television, Cui Shunshi bestie Park Geun hye told his friends about Park Geun hye was elected president after frequent call it "is really annoying". Reported that South Korean prosecutors on the afternoon of 31 formally summoned bestie "intervention" events of the protagonist Cui Shunshi. Pu Jinhui, 26, said in an interview with South Korean media in Europe, in 2012 after he was elected president has received some information from her, but I do not know the confidentiality of these data. Cui Shunshi also denied hanguoguo government interference. On the night of 30 South Korean television station JTBC TV show, Cui Shunshi’s friends testified that Cui Shunshi had said Pu Jinhui was elected president after frequent calls to Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi very tired of the call, "bother". Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章:

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