Crete – Aegean Sea magnificent medieval Old Town Tourism Sohu brock lesnar

Crete – Aegean Sea magnificent medieval old town filled with medieval style tourism Sohu canea Venice port, can achieve zero distance contact with nature, beautiful natural scenery is absolutely terrific. This is a rich historical heritage of the city, Crete is the most beautiful city, the vast square, ancient streets and alleys, a step king, magnificent.. Canea? Is the second largest city in Crete after Heraklion, before 1971, was the administrative center of Crete. The city of Venice has a strong heritage preservation. Canea’s most famous attraction in Hong Kong or Venice Venetian Port. Crete retained the Venice style several places, but well preserved only canea. Canea in, you will feel like to film in the middle ages. Here is the beginning of the first Grand Canyon in europe. There, you can merge with nature and experience 18 kilometers of mountains. The airport 14 km from downtown canea. Take a taxi. To the city domestic demand 3000Dr. Chania city has its own port, but can only accept the boat. Piraeus ferry in only 7 kilometers east of the port of landing starr. Shuttle bus between canea and Starr in Hong Kong, 6:0010:40 between every 20 minutes. Out of the port is convenient before the bus ride, take bus No. 13, half-way time 10 minutes, the fare 240Dr. The destination is not the bus stop but the front of the bus. Take a taxi to 1200Dr.相关的主题文章:

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