Constellation sincere words the best lions at the same time engage in 5 women (Figure) yuria

Constellation sincere words: the lion at the same time make the best 5 women (Figure) divorced from the lion was so beautiful! I thought he was a man who wanted to live, who knew that the lion was too tm! Cheat me to cheat after, I found that he had 5 women!! Sina constellation McGrady McGrady users say love to wheat Sina constellation gourmet lion while engaging in the 5 women I was a female, and the male lion to know, some people say, perhaps with the lion lion is also good, because the lion’s narcissism, to each other’s shortcomings are also can understand. That is not what big mistake, so you can understand. First of all, the lion man, the lion man, I was two years old, I am 28, he was 30. We’ve all been divorced. The difference is that I don’t have a child. He has a son. We just met in 8 and September of this year. When you first meet, think of his condition and talked. Just want to get to see, after the second meeting, that he sometimes looks very cute, I found myself a little tempted, after the third meeting, we decided to contact. The fourth meeting is in the mid autumn day, the day in my family, because I want to test a driver’s license, he came to me when I was being pro do, the computer music, the evening sun slanting as I do in the room, on the sofa, we go out to dinner, he came, I asked him to wait for me, I say that I have done in this chapter, he said, this scene let him feel at home. Since I was going on a business trip, the 10 days no see, between once, he disappeared one day, he found he could not find, he said that the mobile phone at home, I don’t believe this nonsense, but also on the past. Travel back, the fifth time, we go to the supermarket to buy food, home cooking, he and me along the way, he did well, he said he is especially love watching others eating his meal, and then we’ll see at home during the movie, he just kissed me. He was slightly ill, I stopped, he would have caught it in time. People say that the lion is the only one of the 12 constellations can be used to think about the upper body, I thought it was really, I am very happy, would like to cherish. Did not expect that, after a few days he did not contact me, call no one answered, I did not play, almost a day a phone, but no one answered. The fifth day, I think is wrong, by telephone to give him a phone call, he answered, my gas said, you’re still alive, that’s all right, directly hung up the phone. Later, he sent a message that, if it does not fit, you can say directly, I will not pester, there is no need to do so. And then even the. After two days, suddenly one night received a phone call, when I was with friends, the call is a woman, asked me to know the lion man? I said, ah, ah, how? She said I was his girlfriend, you don’t look for him. Because I was with my friends. And then hung up. Second days, the more I think about myself. Give the woman the information, please mind your own boyfriend, don’t put him out with single bite, the woman is not weakness, is obviously know him out but also.相关的主题文章:

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