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Communication: Dunhuang news agency, "goodbye" in France – Dunhuang new network in September 19 Dunhuang Xinhua: "goodbye" in French News Agency reporter Zhuoma south such as a car by the French Citroen company in 1931 production of Citroen crawler quietly parked at the Gansu fair in Dunhuang exhibition hall, the body was also tied up with a shovel, a rope such exploration tools as the year. At this time, from its first visit to Dunhuang in the past 85 years. Recently from France to Dunhuang by air this antique cars, 85 years ago in Asia "journey to the east 3 mission" expedition special, the activities of the 40 players took 13 months to re take the silk road more than 12 thousand kilometers, from Xinjiang to Chinese, via the Dunhuang desert, finally arrived the Forbidden City (Beijing the Imperial Palace). At that time, Dunhuang was a desert of Gobi in the inn". The global "romantic" and "French China northwest Silk Road city of Dunhuang, from Percy and Citroen, to today’s" Dunhuang ", a historical meeting once again"". The first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair will be opened on September 20th, with France’s guest country identity carrying more than 200 pieces of cultural treasures "appeared again". Gilt antique cabinets, Louis Xiv’s painting, oil painting, eighteenth Century Leon silk manuscripts, the famous French painter Gu Dongche…… More than 200 pieces of exhibits, the exhibition hall in Dunhuang in the ancient Silk Road, in France, AIA four plates and the French charm region, from the space and time back "in France and the silk road that thing". Gu Shan said the French ambassador to China, the silk road is never trade axis, in 8 centuries, it makes France and Chinese and Central Asia, culture and civilization of Confucianism and Buddhism, Islam and Judaism to start a dialogue. This road magic charm and cultural club shows, has largely enriched the European art, poetry, language and spiritual imagination. According to the French Pavilion Chinese commentator Wang Lan, Leon is the Silk Road in one of the end point of the west, China silk products distribution center in Europe, the French textile technology is largely due to the Silk Road spread to Europe Asian fabric. "France has learned silkworm reeling Chinese, and joined the Kesi technology invented, drying silk." This time, the French also brought 80 ancient city photo, participants will be discussed on the ancient city of restoration and protection. "Protection of Dunhuang Chinese is very good, not because of the small town tourists stampede in built edifice, but more beautiful, more international." Dunhuang has repeatedly visited the Russian scholar hilgay? Shakuras said, "Sino French can learn from each other in repair and protection of the ancient city sites". From the 18 venues open to the media, many people were part of the Old French images attract stop, this is the French photographer Olivier Basil? To Dunhuang folk songs filmed in Gobi desert, sand dunes, such as Dunhuang style, he used the camera for the first time at home and abroad to show "the eyes of the French Dunhuang". Dunhuang "goodbye" France, reminiscent of相关的主题文章:

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