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Chongqing cracked title exam cheated public officials are not afraid to report – Sohu news on March, Chongqing District, Banan Fang signed a certificate in animal husbandry. A few days later, she received a message: the sale of SMS Zhenti answer, also left a QQ number. Bai Fang holding the mentality of gambling plus QQ, but fell into a chain scam, cheated 17200 yuan. Recently, the gang was arrested, White Fang fortunately recovered the loss. Police investigation found that the amount of cheated cheated in more than 7000 yuan, but mostly because of public institutions, many people are afraid to report. 1200 yuan can buy "graduated Zhenti answer" White Fang, began to busy to participate in various examinations. March, she enrolled in animal husbandry and veterinary examination held in May. Examination is very difficult, White Fang very anxious. A few days later, anxious Bai Fang received a help message. The message said can provide the exam answers, and leave a contact number QQ. White Fang contacted the answer seller. The other told her, each section 600 yuan, after payment will receive the answer". She took a gamble mentality bought two branches, to the other party to pay 1200 yuan, then really received the answer. Answer "encryption" need to pay again but this answer requires a password to open. Subsequently, the other side to inform the White Fang, the need to pay 3000 yuan per division confidential fee, the full refund. Bai Fang also suspected that he had encountered a liar. But the exam has been less than a week, do not buy the answer must not pass, so she finally chose to believe. However, let White Fang did not expect that the answer is still not open after payment. The other is said to have contacted the company to deal with the matter, and soon the other told her that each section also need to pay 5000 yuan to check the password security, the same will be returned after the exam. White Fang thought, have been paid more than 7000 yuan, can not pay white, once again paid to the other side of the two branch of the security costs 10000 yuan. But the answer is still open. The other told her also need to pay the risk of gold, White Fang feel wrong, stop remittance to the other side, and report to the police in Banan. Remote fraud Gang arrested subsequently, Municipal Public Security Bureau received a letter from the Chongqing Municipal Education Examination reflect, said it was "to provide the relevant examination questions and answers on the grounds of fraud, by phone or QQ, Dazu, Banan, there are a number of candidates to be deceived. The Council appointed by the Banan District Public Security Bureau is responsible for the investigation of the case. Police analysis of relevant information found since 2016, Dazu, Hechuan, Chengkou, Banan and other places have occurred more than a similar fraud cases, the victim cheated 2000 yuan to more than 10000 yuan. After the investigation found that the gang suspected of fraud using the QQ number has more than and 20, the victims across the country provinces and cities. Finally, the police initially identified the gang’s frequent activities in Guangdong, Dongguan. Police immediately rushed to Dongguan, after several field Mopai and squat, get a major crime suspects clues, basically to find out the fraud相关的主题文章:

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