Chongqing city scenic spot started the National Day golden week sales war to pick up rake and diamondprox

Chongqing City area started the National Day Golden Week promotional war to rake and pick up the newspaper news (reporter He Xin) September 18th, reporters from the city’s scenic part was informed that, for the upcoming National Day golden week, a promotional war has begun. Fengjie Baidicheng, sinkhole: September 21st -10 month 7 days, where tickets Baidicheng tickets for the original price 120 yuan and 50 yuan of people, can enjoy "big sale" preferential; Fuling Forest Garden: on October 1st -7, in the scenic spots of Chongqing WeChat, parent-child amber "public purchase price 55 yuan people only 9.9 yuan; Shizhu pasture: -7 October 1st, CHINO was born on the day of the National Day ID card free tickets to tourists. Chengkou Shuanghe nine Hua Ling: on October 1st -7, the original 60 yuan tickets for half off people; more than 8 people (including 8) together to buy tickets group purchase price of 25 yuan; the day of the birth National Day visitor ID card free admission tickets. Cheung Yun Shapingba colorful Happy Farm: September 30th -10 month 7 days, the original 165 yuan of children’s play package only 99 yuan (for people aged 4 -15 years), the original price of 30 yuan of adult admission ticket to enjoy 30 percent off discount. Wansheng Black Dragon Valley: October 1st -7, Shi Shi dragon black Valley to buy tickets 3 tickets for the original price 100 yuan or 3 of the original 80 yuan of people, and show the highway toll ticket in Wansheng within two days under the road, will be in the area of office to receive free tickets. Wuxi Hongchiba: October 1st – April 30th next year, 5 cars per car park, more than 4 people (including 4), and show the invoice to stay one night in Wuxi, you can call the 023-51333222 scenic phone for 100 yuan per vehicle oil supplement. Pengshui Aida River: -30 September 25th, in the "Wujiang Gallery" WeChat public number on special offer tickets (panic buying price 100 yuan every day there will be 30 people), 1 yuan tickets, 50 tickets 9.9 yuan tickets and 100 tickets for 49.9 yuan.相关的主题文章:

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