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Chinese first reflects the "quality" of the documentary called the quality of power – boot Beijing, Beijing, September 22 Xi’an Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) Chinese first is to arouse more attention to the quality problem, inspires people to greater passion for the pursuit of quality, guide people to actively participate in the construction of power quality documentary "big 22" quality in Xi’an starting. Mei Kebao, deputy director of the State Administration of quality supervision, said at the opening ceremony, the work is in the context of China’s economic and social development into the era of quality came into being. It is understood that the "power quality" will be the topic on "quality", with a global perspective and historical thinking, to the pursuit of quality by telling the world many vivid stories, analysis of some vivid examples of quality management at all times and in all countries, will be a real "comprehensive quality", "quality", "quality", the stereo the rich connotation of the "quality" appeared in public. At the same time, the film revolves around the "quality strong country, quality is the national interest" as the theme, intends to review the development of quality, the quality problems of reflection and exploration, on the quality of the quality outlook, to enhance the important significance and practical way to China quality. It is reported that the documentary "power quality" production team will travel to Germany, Japan, Britain and other countries the number of shooting, plans to visit the more than and 30 companies and organizations, with more than 100 government or international organization officials, scholars and entrepreneurs. (end)相关的主题文章:

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