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China new song: Jiang Dunhao win   "Mrs." Zhang Ziyi blessing stage (Figure) – Jiangxi Channel – original title: China new song: nest finals live favourites to Xu Geyang Yang Cheng students     "Chinese new song" bird nest aired on September 30th sprint night, after three rounds of fierce battle, the national top six from the Jay Chou clan to the ocean to come out on top, to score the first finals; Na Ying Wang Chenrui team ranked second, Li Peiling ranked fifth; Wang Feng Xu Geyang and Jiang Dunhao team ranked three or four; Harlem Yu Yang Meina ranked sixth. National top six qualify for the finals of the bird’s nest. Champion mentor Na Ying has two cards, and Li Peiling, was praised by the new song of the year, the dark horse, the more the more surprising to the end of the game to the more people, the more people, the more exciting, the more the more people to the game, the more surprise to the end of the game, the more the more people to the surprise of the game, the more the more people to the surprise of the final. The 16 year old girl with deep features, Li Peiling, has been a sweet love songs to conquer the mentor and the audience’s ears. The same holds two students qualify for Wang Feng mentor, this holiday not idle, even invited wife Zhang Ziyi arrived at the scene for the trainees to refuel, pocketed the eye before the final. His student Xu Geyang, Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang is regarded as the favourites, though controversial, but the high popularity, Jiang Dunhao was in the program evaluation is a stream. Jay Chou and Harlem Yu each have a student team qualify for the top six, looks like Jay Chou to the ocean, Yan set value and singing in one, by professional judges scoring and assessment of the public vote, the total score ranked first, but also the favorites. The Harlem Yu team, China’s Rihanna, the, then the results of the final score of sixth. (Lorna, commissioning editor Mao Siyuan) original title: Chinese new song: nest finals live favourites to Xu Geyang Yang Cheng students     Jay Chou to Scotland ocean with the show dance in the finals, Jay Chou and Jay Chou to the ocean common interpretation of earlier works "shuangjiegun". And before long rap rash and too much in haste, the chorus version of "shuangjiegun" do make snap adaptation to ocean in addition to the interpretation of good harmonica, ventriloquist, also will be the first attempt to rap, and mentor Jay Chou together show a section of Scotland. In the main show links to ocean will interpret Jay Chou’s classic ballad "the longest film", this version will be more fit to the western ocean background music, B music, singing into R&, behind the big screen will continue to flash "Roman holiday", "Titanic" etc. classic love movie screen, playing the nostalgia card. Jiang Dunhao Xu Geyang and Zhang Ziyi Wang Feng "Mrs." blessing on the team of two students nominated. In the main show link, Jiang Dunhao will continue the previous folk style, carrying the signature of a mentor signed by the guitar on stage, singing "River", Wang Feng. Right hand little finger fracture to Xu Geyang in spite of tonight show songs for "butterfly". Master three will be in the final with a "full", adapted into the most popular "purchasing" and "new sound" and other topics. "Mrs. Zhang Ziyi" also appeared in the rehearsal, Jiang Dunhao’s guitar and Xu Geyang signed his bandage)相关的主题文章:

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