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Japan aimed at Philippine media: Japan trillion mineral business like a step ahead of the Sohu news information: Philippines mindanao. Reference News Network reported on October 29th Philippines’s president Walter Asia concern, American financial media CNBC reports, China, and Japan Philippines intends to seek $1 trillion worth of mineral resources investment opportunities. Philippines’s finance minister CNBC Dominguez 27 to accept the "Financial Forum" program interview that, in the two Asian countries are interested in expanding investment in southern Mindanao in the Philippines. In Taiwan when the electronic newspaper website on October 28th citing CNBC reported that Philippines is the second largest island of Mindanao, in addition to large deposits of natural gas and oil, and half of Philippines’s mineral resources, including copper, gold, iron and aluminum. According to the secret site WikiLeaks in 2011 to disclose a message from the U.S. Embassy in Manila, the region’s untapped resources, the value may be as high as $1 trillion. Mindanao is also famous for its rich biodiversity hotspots, precious vegetation, such as forest and soil in tropical rainforests, mainly the production of banana, papaya and Mangosteen, "Philippines fruit basket" reputation. Dominguez said: "from food to minerals, are welcome to develop." Reported that China and Japan which party is keen on development of Mindanao natural resources? Dominguez said: "China has expressed interest, but they do not have much activity. Our former government and government Chinese hardly spoke, but the US and Japan close cooperation for more than 60 years." Reported that Japan does seem to be a step ahead. In March this year, the state aid agency of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) "to inject $9 million 420 thousand, to assist the construction of infrastructure on the island of Mindanao, and a group of Japan Food Corporation said they are $500 million, for some areas of Philippines aquatic products processing, including Duthel Te’s hometown of Davao city. The mainland has a power plant and a variety of mineral company in mindanao. Duthel Te and Beijing after the recent alliance, is expected to have some transactions.相关的主题文章:

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