Chi Zijian it’s snowing in my world ssdao

Chi Zijian: my world snow [Abstract] the day under the snow, snow weather is generally warm, like snowflakes to resist the cold with its soft body. The dam on a pedestrian is not just the two of us, hand in hand, walked on the snow without a word. The reason why I like to go back to my hometown, is because here, my eyes, mind and feet have the ideal place to stroll. It’s only 35 minutes from my bedroom to the scenic spot. I usually go for a walk at dusk. Go north or south, or walk on the embankment, or walk along the river bank. If walking on the dam, will meet sheep home the old man, the sheep in the slow walking at the dam is still the grass, to bar appearance, I often see a duck from the old lady, her group of black duck, is composed of two big white neck high, very proud walk in the front, and that many of the black duck, is obedient behind. I love more than the dam, along the river walk, I love the vast river in the sunset. The most beautiful sunset, is the river. The sunset into the water is more brilliant than the sunset itself. Of course, there are mountains and water willow projection. Let a person feel the water is a picture, the picture is dyed, sunset, trees, clouds and wind. The breeze through the waves to render the picture, Breeze Blows wrinkled water, filled with water that take advantage of the projection river sunset, clouds and trees to crumple, make the water color instant peeling, have stereo feeling, looks like a modern painting. I love to see this picture, so if there is no breeze to the water, the waves of fashion, I would stoop to pick up a few pebbles on the river, then, water painting will suddenly change, I would sit on the beach, quietly take a moment. Of course, I did not dare to sit for a long time, not afraid of cold and gloomy flood erosion, but those mosquitoes streamed flying, buzzing around me, I don’t want to take their own blood when their dinner. In the library work tired, just look up the mountains, came into view. That castle is pleasing to the eye, actually deposited in the winter is also pleasing to look white, only as a white elephant from heaven. Of course, from the window can also enjoy watching the clouds. Not only the shape of the cloud changes quickly, its color is also changeable. Just look at or lead a thick cloud of ash, it floating floating, is split into several pieces of the boat shaped cloud, but also become a white color. If the sky is a blank sheet of paper, the cloud is the ink that spilled over here. This ink is sometimes strong, sometimes visible light, the clouds are full of the spirit of exploration in his time. Both summer and winter, if the moonlight & I will turn off the bedroom lights, the curtains, lying in bed on the moon. The moonlight through the window lattice will diffuse into the room, the bed pan shone out of the warm white light, with the moonlight bath I was walking in the clouds graceful feeling. Mid Autumn Festival in the past, I was lying in bed on the moon. That day the clouds, daytime falls some cold rain, the beginning of the afternoon, the first snow in winter is coming quietly. Watching snowflakes dancing in the sky like butterflies, I thought the night.相关的主题文章:

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