Changsheng fund Zhao Hongyu fof fund management key to asset allocation pigeon blood

Changsheng fund Zhao Hongyu: FOF fund management key to see asset allocation We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Original title: FOF fund management key asset allocation fund Chinese newspaper reporter Wang Rui from the field of public offering after the release FOF, asset allocation categories will be the company raised funds on the agenda, Zhao Hongyu also have rich experience in asset allocation and become a responsible person of Changsheng fund FOF business. Portfolio management is important to the industry asset allocation, and FOF portfolio management needs to do is a large class of asset allocation. From the asset allocation ideas, FOF and ordinary public fund is interlinked." Zhao Hongyu told reporters, as a public fund manager, his work is to do more portfolio management, stock options, and timing control. FOF management and stock investment exchange play the advantages of quantitative management of Zhao Hongyu in his PhD, published a paper called "securities investment fund investment style analysis and comparison", the paper published in the October 2005 Shenzhen academic journal "securities market Herald". 10 years ago, the public fund is still in the early stages of development, the market for the categories of asset allocation, investment style research rarely, but because of Zhao Hongyu’s academic research in the early stage because of asset allocation has a quite profound understanding. Zhao Hongyu believes that the real income from the fund management portfolio. Not only is the stock investment, must be put to see in a portfolio perspective, Christian Democratic gains portfolio fund management in people’s eyes, the combination of income from positions in stocks and weights together return. But the combination of stocks have gone up and down, the structure is different, the ability to choose stocks strong trading players do not necessarily make money. This is why the fund is difficult to make money this year, the rhythm of each stock is not the same, so it is difficult to lift the entire portfolio up. In his opinion, so is the FOF of future performance, results mainly from three aspects: asset allocation, stock selection and market timing. A stock master market, also has the timing capable, but can really bring people scanty stock selection and timing are good. From the point of view of foreign fund management, asset allocation decision performance 90%, stock, timing the contribution of 10%. The ability to grasp the asset allocation, the majority of fund managers have the right to do asset allocation, investment in the 90% things on the right. The rest of the depth of mining stocks, in the given configuration to do liquidity management or do choose." Shareholding fund management consulting Zhao Hongyu can be found in the top ten awkwardness of the proportion of positions in the vicinity of 2% more than control. He was born in quantitative investment investment as far as possible to reduce risk through portfolio investment. Zhao Hongyu think, whether it is a single fund product management and FOF management, should give full play to the advantages of quantitative, win higher returns for investors. Long Sheng medical quantify, for example, the fund fully demonstrates the theory of Zhao Hongyu相关的主题文章:

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