Canadian divers found a nuclear submarine or lost to the United States tda7294

Canadian diver ocean found a bomb or for the United States lost according to the interface news November 8th quoted Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that a commercial diver may be lost America 60 years ago, a bomb was found at the coast of canada. Mark 4 atomic bomb (data) Sean Smyrichinsky is in the waters near British Columbia, Canada, when searching for sea cucumbers found a large metal device looks like a ufo. Smyrichinsky said he in early October in British Columbia province and Alaska bordering the place that this device. "I found the bottom of it was round, it was flat, and there was a hole in the center, and it looked a bit like a bagel (a doughnut like snack). At first, I thought it was UFO." Found the system relatively remote location, Smyrichinsky said he spent a few days to get to town, find some people may know. One of his friends said, "may be the United States lost in the last century, a nuclear weapon in 50s". Canada’s defense ministry said the device could be the United States in 1950 from a B-36 bomber lost a nuclear bomb. However, the Canadian government does not believe that the bomb contains active nuclear material, and sent warships to find the location for testing. From British Columbia Province, aviation historian Dirk · (Dirk Septer); sepatec said, "this is a mystery to everyone, then at the height of the cold war, the United States is very worried about the Soviet Union will find." The historian, however, did not think the Canadian divers had discovered the lost bomb, because the location was not matched. In 1950, the United States B-36 flight engine fire bomber carrying a nuclear bomb, was set to crash in the waters near British Columbia Province, but the actual crash site in the distance place hundreds of kilometers inland (light land) nuclear warheads in 1950 the United States lost has been plagued by military historians for more than half a century. That year, the United States B-36 bomber flew to the local military base in Texas in the waters near the crash in British Columbia province. As the aircraft in the implementation of a nuclear strike mission rehearsal, so loading a real Mark 4 atomic bomb to test whether it can meet the bearing capacity. But after a few hours of flight, aircraft engine fire, 17 crew members had to choose a parachute, but 5 did not escape the final death. The US military says the atomic bomb is filled with lead, uranium and TNT, but has no plutonium, so it will not produce a nuclear explosion. And the crew set the plane in autopilot and set it down in the middle of the ocean. But three years later, the wreckage of the plane was found at a distance of 100 kilometers inland. In fact, a similar accident occurred in 1968. A U.S. Air Force B-52 bombers carrying 4 hydrogen bomb across the Arctic because the cabin fire forced the crew landing. The plane then crashed into the Greenland Arctic Xinghai Bay, resulting in 4 hydrogen warhead rupture and diffusion, produced a large range of radioactive pollution. But in.相关的主题文章:

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