Boy mistakenly swallowed a coin hanging a line of parents on the way to hospital encounter traffic j aizi

The boy mistakenly swallowed a coin hanging on the first line of parents sent to hospital on the way encounter traffic jam 4, a boy of the age of 2 mistakenly swallowed a coin hanging line, on the way to the hospital but suffered a traffic jam. Anxious family dialed 110 for help, the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau command center through the remote control signal, let the children "lights" received first aid through. In the afternoon at 4:30 pm, Mr. Ming in six weir Zhaojiagou brother found his brother’s home to play, the 2 year old son swallowed a 1 yuan coin in the throat, have difficulty breathing, unable to speak, Mr. Ming immediately drove the child to the Taihe hospital. "The child is in a bad situation, the spirit is getting worse." Mr. Ming said, when he drove into the people’s Square Zhaojiagou traffic light, found that the traffic is not small, then the intersection of blocking a lot of cars, I try to dial 110 for help." At 4:37 in the afternoon, 110 after receiving the call, immediately to the police intelligence command center city public security traffic management bureau. The old police on duty Wang Chunsheng about a child’s situation, immediately launched the emergency plan, and call on Mr. Ming, to determine the number and position of Mr. Ming, the aerial camera guided Mr. Ming into the road, and remote control, signal lamp way to the green light. At the same time, Wang Chunsheng also informed the two brigade police in the Liu Lingang, the work of the three to do a good job. At 4:41 in the afternoon, Mr. Ming hurried to the door of Taihe hospital smoothly. At this point, the hospital is waiting for the father of the child and the two brigade police will be sent to the emergency room. In the efforts of the medical staff, the coins in the child’s throat was finally taken out. Later, the emergency doctor told Mr. Ming, if not timely delivery, the child will have life-threatening. Sweep code big Chu Shiyan, see more exciting content!相关的主题文章:

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