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Beijing International Trade Fair opened foreign design enterprises competitive exhibition "skill" – Beijing, Beijing, September 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yin Li) as the core of the project 2016 Beijing International Design Week trade forum, Beijing International Design Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as fair) in 23 in Beijing Tianzhu free trade zone culture the opening of free trade park. The transaction will not only gather a group of "big" brand design and enterprise competitive exhibition "stunt", will also organize a series of cultural enterprises, bonded trade cooperation and exchange promotion activities, to stimulate domestic cultural cooperation oriented enterprises to participate in the international market. On the opening day, the fair gathered a large number of international cultural and trade enterprises and fashion design brand, into the private custom theme and fashion design style, create a living environment with aesthetic design exhibition space. According to the organizers, during the fair, the bonded area will create a complex cultural and recreational space, presented by the custom area of fashion, beauty and fashion brand area composed of high-end custom design space. In the fashion district, the audience can use foreign 3D holographic scanning fitting customization technology for yourself, choose the virtual fitting model, browse a variety of styles of dress, and the image of Korean fashion designers to provide fabric and collocation suggestions. At the meeting, Chinese and foreign exhibitors competing to show the best technology, the traditional manual and modern design, in order to design and innovation on the basis of heritage. The audience can not only watch close Nordic era (AGEHOME) reflects the essence of technological masterpiece of medieval Nordic furniture, house design team will look among enamel in the ceramic sculpture art palace perfect reproduction, but also can thin tasting Yanjing eight absolutely dominated intangible cultural heritage treasures and various arts and crafts boutique. Organizers said the fair city of Beijing to create relevant initiatives with the expansion of open services demonstration zone, relying on the physical space of Tianzhu fully protected areas and Cultural Park bonded and policy support, gather a group of international, high-level design and brand enterprises, relying on the international B2B fair promotion platform design trade service system a series of cultural organizations, bonded display, enterprise business cooperation and exchange promotion activities, through the "fair" multi-faceted development of design trade channels, domestic and foreign enterprises to promote the long-term trade cooperation orientation driven by domestic cultural enterprises to participate in the international market. In addition, the fair will gradually build a linkage model of online and offline synchronization, bonded exhibition display and electricity supplier sales platform, and to Holland, Italy and other creative design companies and cutting-edge designers, international brand design new world premiere. During the exhibition, exhibitors will choose more high-quality international brands for consumers to meet the demand for cultural consumption under the combination of online display and online transactions. The fair will be organized by the Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee, the national foreign cultural trade base (Beijing), will continue until September 28th. (end)相关的主题文章:

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