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Be pregnant, don’t wear clothes! Remember, ~~~- Sohu maternal pregnant mother the most afraid of the heat, especially in summer, mom itself than she is more metabolically active, sweating more, if poor perspiration, easy to cause skin rashes, skin infection etc.. Therefore, pregnant women must choose loose, sweat absorbing clothes, try to cool and spacious, so that the clothes are relatively cool, but also easy to be absorbed by the clothes after sweating. The best texture of the fabric is cotton, soft, breathable. In addition, bra and belt should not be bound tightly, so as not to cause breast hyperplasia and affect fetal development. Close fitting underwear best choose silk or cotton, with soft and comfortable, easy moisture blot out, temperature is appropriate. In addition, the mother’s body to accelerate the metabolism, sweat gland secretion increased, it is easy to sweat. So clothes must be changed frequently wash. Today they give Doraemon bestie talk about some mistakes during pregnancy mothers Dress Dress ~ four misunderstanding: a late pregnancy do wear summer clothes to minimize the bound of one’s own body must. Quasi mother as far as possible to choose breathable sweat clothes, if you buy a chemical fiber material of the clothes, the permeability is not good, and easy to produce static friction, pregnant mother’s skin and health are very unfavorable. Doraemon: pregnancy dress, is the most important to be comfortable to wear, so sweat breathable cotton clothing is the best choice. Is pregnant, quasi mother will often find themselves so frequent urination, a loose body, convenient toilet maternity would be more suitable for Oh ~ two mistakes: to deceive the public waistband waistband, which for ordinary people, is a commonplace thing. But for expectant mothers, this is bad. A small belt, may cause great harm to the fetus. Doraemon: pants should choose elastic band or tie waist, which can be adjusted freely. But not the system is too tight, so as not to increase the uterus cannot increase lordosis, causing pendulous abdomen, cause malposition, dystocia. In addition, it can not be tightly bound to the waist and leg, otherwise it will affect the lower limb blood circulation, impede the uteroplacental blood circulation, affect the normal development of the fetus. Myth three: wearing tight jeans pregnant 5 months ago, pregnant women’s stomach is not very obvious, but in fact has been a bit out of the. If you wear jeans at this time, it will increase the friction of the vulva and abdomen with the pants. Coupled with a lot of jeans are tight, the fabric is not breathable, so it may cause the female secretions are not easy to discharge, causing vulvitis and vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. In addition, the summer, the long time of the metal button and the skin of the abdomen, contact dermatitis. So, want to let the body line feeling mothers don’t wear skinny jeans Oh ~ Duo: pregnancy uterus increases gradually, to the inferior vena cava and iliac vein compression, the lower extremity venous return is not smooth, resulting in increased venous pressure. The adverse factors, so that mothers become lower extremity varicose patients. Therefore, facing the mothers day quasi pain: fatigue, edema, static foot on tenterhooks.相关的主题文章:

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