Barcelona team seriously injured in the absence of 6-8 weeks Manchester City is still expected to pl chompoo araya

Barcelona soul injured by the absence of 6-8 week truce is still expected to play Manchester City Real Madrid [] information Barcelona 3-2 two ball +93 minutes Walunmeixi reversal point to kill Tencent at the Mestalla sports news October 23rd (data), Iniesta played just 11 minutes due to injury after the exit, Barcelona through the club’s official website revealed that Iniesta’s right knee lateral collateral ligament injury. Will a 6-8 week. Iniesta missed the play Real Madrid (data) Manchester City in the Valencia game, Enzo – Peres behind the vicious tackles led Iniesta to leave early. Because Basa (official website data) captain expression is very painful, once the media speculation the injury can be extremely serious, "daily sports newspaper" the first time that Iniesta may be long absent because of injury, the most serious to up to three months. "Marca" is revealed, Iniesta right knee lateral collateral ligament injury, after returning to Barcelona, Iniesta will receive a more detailed inspection. In the end of the game, Barcelona revealed Iniesta’s injury in the club’s official website, the lateral collateral ligament and posterior white knee bursa injuries, but the injury is not as expected, the western media generally revealed that he will be out for 6-8 weeks. Although he missed the Champions League game against Manchester City (data), but he is still possible before the national derby. Iniesta injured his right leg during the Spanish Super Cup in Seville in August 15th, which led to his absence for a month. Considering Iniesta’s age and physical condition, Enrique this season has gradually reduced the appearances and time, season, Iniesta only played 9 times, only to Borussia, Atletico played the full game. However, people are not as good as the day, Enzo – Peres’s serious foul and will let the injury for a period of time to stop Iniesta. In Barcelona midfielder, plays an irreplaceable role in Iniesta, Denis – Suarez, Andre – Gomes will not be able to truly replace white. Within a week, Peake, Alba, Iniesta three and the absolute main Alda Turan and Rafinha Enrique have been injured, the ranking will obviously be affected. (Obail)相关的主题文章:

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