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Autumn how to eat the most recommended eight nutritious breakfast in the morning of the day, the most important meal of the day is also in the morning. Into the autumn, your breakfast should also have a little change, how to eat more healthy, we take a look at the recommended eight nutritional breakfast. What do you have for breakfast in autumn? Autumn is the key period to protect the stomach, porridge in the morning is a simple method. The ancients believed that "the morning eat porridge, and bring forth the new through the old diaphragmatic nourishing the stomach, body fluid, it is refreshing day". So, breakfast drink a bowl of porridge can Runzao Ziyin, beneficial to health. Chinese health experts advocate eating porridge every morning in the autumn, especially drink porridge is very good for the body, its reason is as a key ingredient of medicated rice or glutinous rice, have excellent spleen and stomach, invigorating Qi function, many predecessors of this praise. Recommendation: Autumn eight health breakfast 1, Lily porridge Tremella 50 grams of fresh lily, tremella 10 grams, 100 grams of rice. Lily wash chopped, tremella hair with warm water to open, washed, and rice Tongzhu of porridge. Lily, sweet, slightly cold, there is nourishing lung, Qingxin Anshen effect; tremella, sweet flat, with Ziyin lungs, stomach qi and spleen effect; three with rice, for porridge, with moistening Yin Runzao, nourishing the heart, invigorating the lung spleen fluid, suitable for cooking in the dry autumn. 2, small sweet potato porridge sweet potato 50 grams, 50 grams of millet. Wash and peel the potatoes, cut into an inch long, five small pieces. Millet Amoy net. Millet, sweet potatoes into the pot, add water amount, with wuhuoshaofei, the switch to slow fire to boil rotten rice porridge. Sweet potato is the biggest effect of the regulation of the intestinal tract, which contains soluble fiber and a large number of bacteria, there is detoxification efficacy. Because of its low content of fat and calories, which has a role in weight loss, bodybuilding. In the dry autumn and winter, a bowl of sweet potato porridge on the body a lot of benefits. In the Chinese classical literature of traditional Chinese medicine: sweet potato lack of tonic, Qi, spleen and stomach, strong Yin effect. 3, black rice xianou porridge xianou 200 grams, 100 grams of rice, brown sugar. Lotus washed, peeled and cut into pieces by ding. Rice panning clean, soak in water for half an hour. Pot set the fire, add some water, add lotus root, black rice and brown sugar to boil into porridge edible. Cooked lotus flavor sweet, can the spleen appetizer, beneficial blood bushing, so make up the five internal organs, Xiaoshi, thirst, myogenic effect. Eat this porridge often can be nourishing blood, women, elderly can often eat the virtual body. 4, Lily porridge Lily Polygonatum washed, torn flap; Polygonatum wash, cut into 4 cm long segment; rice panning clean, with cold water soak for half an hour, remove and drain water; the rice, lily, polygonatum into the pot, add about 1000 ml of cold water, the fire to boil, simmer for use 45 minutes; adding sugar stir the pot, slightly braised moment, can dish up food. Chinese medicine believes that Polygonatum sweet nature, into the lung and stomach. Can nourishing yin and moistening dryness, Chufan thirst, fever treatment of yin asthenia cough, thirst, fever, polyorexia, urination. The morning to drink porridge,.相关的主题文章:

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