Assassination game exposed the precursor of the deadly killer game – Sohu Entertainment pgd-426

"The assassination game" deadly game exposure Pilot Trailer open entertainment Sohu "assassination game" stills "assassination game" stills "assassination game" stills Sohu entertainment news recently, 3D blockbuster sci-fi blockbuster "the assassination game" released "nightfall" version of the pilot notice, Wong fighting game scene debut. Each participant has his own reason to fight, and a death duel begins. The film side the first trailer combination: a life and death battle scene, and the terrible billow psychedelic city buildings, not let people feel the "survival game" super lethal. "The assassination game" exposure "nightfall" Trailer immersive reality show deadly strikes recently, big budget sci-fi action movie "the assassination game" exposure "nightfall" version of the pilot notice, thrilling game plot closely, rather like suction eye. In the exposure of 30 seconds in the game scene panoramic mysterious dark show, their challenger has a tragic battle shock opening. The movie "the assassination game" about 11 challengers from different industries, with different purpose to participate in a live show of death. Contestants of mutual suspicion, intrigue, intentions by all means will kill the other competitors, the survivors will eventually get huge bonuses to enjoy the endless life. A brutal killing contest started, people look forward to. The concept of effective film smothering hitherto unknown odd films make the real game "assassination game" according to the prevailing social adaptation of the game, specially invited to Russia’s top team spending huge sums to build CGI effects. The film in the overseas after the release, the media and the audience unprecedented acclaim. The urgency of the visual impact on people of blood ruin, emotional tension, gorgeous special effects is to make the film is only in the cinema to see the visual effect of the odd piece. The film director SarikAndreasyan said, "the assassination game" around the game fight at outrance story, called the reality version of "dark eyes", let people feel the thrilling full of intrigue. The air burst flight, raging struck the great scourges, deep dark forest…… Start interlocking mysterious plot step by step, depending on the sense that almost immediate death, will let the audience see. It is reported that the 3D film "the assassination game" to visit the national cinema.相关的主题文章:

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