Anhui international sugar smuggling group to destroy the value of 1.3 million yuan – Sohu news haywire

Anhui international sugar smuggling group to destroy the value of 1.3 million yuan – Sohu news Xinhua Hefei August 28th news (reporter Chen Nuo, Chen Shangying) sugar is familiar food and people’s life, but this is the most ordinary things, can also become a huge tool, even for domestic and foreign criminals in collusion. Reporters from the Xuancheng Municipal Public Security Bureau of Anhui province has learned that the local police cracked an extraordinarily serious transnational brand selling counterfeit sugar case, seized fake sugar 1200 tons, the value is as high as 130 million yuan. In March 2016, the Xuancheng Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment received a report from the masses, in the urban areas more prosperous Kyushu market, someone selling fake sugar. Police eventually locked in the sugar merchant Zhu Moumou body. After checked, Zhu Moumou truthfully confessed from outside the purchase of a large number of fake brand of sugar and sales to Xuancheng city and the surrounding area within the scope of the facts. According to Zhu Moumou account, their sugar is entered by a person called Li. Police investigation found that Zhu Moumou head of each remittance is Henan, Shangqiu, and concentrated in an area, with a young man named Lee are inextricably linked. Informed sources, Lee has been doing business with his father sugar, but the last two years have suddenly quit, and his father went to Yunnan alone, it seems to make a lot of money. The investigation, Lee’s father is li". The ad hoc group and Yunnan police immediately launched an investigation of the "Li". The police found, "Li" is through the mobile phone APP intermediary software to contact some truck transport drivers, from mobile phone software until about the truck driver’s license plate number and mobile phone number, sent directly to the handling of counterfeiting business, delivery by the managers and the truck driver contact. Wait until after the completion of business, the dealer will remit money to the account designated by the "Li" and "Li" will inform the son to remit money counterfeiting business overseas account. Police follow it to find the Burma border, counterfeiting traders in Burma, Thailand, India, the acquisition of large quantities of sugar, sugar production factories and bags here. In order to facilitate smuggling into the country, they built a large warehouse in the border areas of sugar storage, let sugar mixed border residents in other things, by ants in the form of smuggling to domestic sales. Accordingly, Anhui police quickly joint Dehong, Shangqiu, Luohe, Heze, Fuyang and other places of public security organs and the police arrested. During the operation, arrested 14 criminal suspects, destroyed 8 gangs, destroyed 22 dens, and seized fake sugar 1200 tons, fake bags more than 1 months, involving the value of 1.3 million yuan. The case is still under investigation. Author: Chen Shangying (source: Xinhua News Agency)相关的主题文章:

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