Alex To the only one allowed to take off his pants on stage lightscape

Alex To: the only one allowed to take off his pants on the stage of the air dance king [Abstract] speaking of Chinese R& B pioneer, or from Alex To. And can dance, HIP-HOP and R& B play so slip of the male singer, basically do not want to two people. Tencent (Feixi) entertainment Zhuangao China song Ji Kehao sound popular players in teacher of wartime election to sing the "meditation" into national elements, etc., in addition to Bailemen song let the original type of western style, with a new life. The original singer of this song is a famous singer in Zhang Lu in 50s, for ever, the representative of the "known to every family and give me a kiss", enthusiastic. The son of Zhang Lu Alex To in the 2013 album "good", also a cover of this song "mother" meditation etc.. In the United States to find some musicians to help him this song, the musicians can not imagine in 40 and 50s China, there are female singers like singing. Professor Harlem Yu said Kehao evaluation Kyrgyzstan, thought he was a small sheep, did not think he should have kept the little foxes smirched. But when it comes to show, Alex To is the best male singer of Chinese music show. The rolling stones tour 30, Alex To is playing a climax, the audience expect him off only underpants. After all, "take off" is immortal forever music club. But Alex To is far more than "take off" so simple. Alex To’s father, Duoli, was a drummer, and when he was a child, he always had a variety of rehearsals. Mother at home to listen to Sen into one, Mizora Oon, Dad listen to Latin, jazz, pop music in Europe and america. So it’s hard for him not to like music. Later saw Michael Jackson dancing on television, began to look forward to the stage. In the year four in a troubled economy, for at that time of day, he remembered the scene, doing a summer job to help people to send a letter, the star ferry, Walkman music is the famous Nitty Gritty Dirt Band country band "Escaping Reality" — even the memories are BGM. High school students with the formation of the band Sidewalk, then TVB every year, amateur singing talent contest, they signed up for two consecutive years chorus. In the first year, Emil Chau took second place, the first one was Emil Chau, and the other was the winner of the second place in the past third years. The last was the second… (after the two men from HK years together into the rolling stones, in Mandarin music hero.) Graduated from high school to study in Ottawa, the school has a lot of black students, he played Taekwondo, black students stunned, want to say, Bruce Lee"! So to teach him to jump to exchange the opportunity to learn kung fu. 80s has been with black students in Baotuan dance competition. Eighties! Later, Korean under teenagers began to wear Kuanpao big sleeve dance is around 2000. Alex To is the pioneer of Chinese pop music. Dance styles, with air show, invincible sultry typhoon. After returning to Hong Kong to participate in the legend of the "rookie singing contest", can only sing some gentle love songs. Into the final, he said that he was going to sing an English song, TVB said the person in charge, if you take the champion I put my head as a stool to sit. And he’s on Lionel Richie.相关的主题文章:

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