Adobe launched an artificial intelligence platform with a Japanese name, even the designer will lose winavi

Adobe launched an artificial intelligence platform with a Japanese name, even the designer will lose their jobs? Sohu technology in the future, the design will become more and more important. Yes, Adobe also joined the army of artificial intelligence lively, at the Max conference was solemnly launched its own artificial intelligence platform — Adobe Sensei, want to pass a series of intelligent features to improve the user experience. Adobe Sensei is not a single product, but a series of Adobe’s underlying technology platform based on deep learning and machine learning, a series of products used in Adobe Creative’s Cloud, such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator etc. almost all software. It uses a large amount of data and the content of Adobe accumulated in the long time, from image to image to operation, to solve a series of challenges facing people in the creative field, such as how to on the Internet to find massive library people want a picture, understand the meaning of the text and to help people put some fixed and repetitive operation automation etc.. According to the presentation at the conference, we can see almost all of the Adobe software provided by the Sensei driven automated operation, personalized recommendation, intelligent prediction and other functions. For example, in the Photoshop, you can use the depth of learning technology to find and automatically mark photos, and even when you look at the photos, the system can also be intelligent recommendation. Another example of the visual image search function, you can drag the image to the browser to search. How simple is this operation? If you love B and foreground background photo A photos, you want to find a similar prospect + background combination, you only need to select the two parts, even without leaving the Photoshop software, the system will automatically pop up in the right panel in similar photos, for you to choose. It can even put different parts marked in the picture, a part and then according to the demand to change the picture, for example to find the sky, trees and buildings in a photo taken, and a key to the sky brightness, without changing the other part of the picture. In addition, in Lightroom, Sensei can help designers face automatic editing. It can automatically find the face in the picture and various parts of the face, such as eyebrows, lips and eyes, and learn these parts of the position, to allow designers to adjust the photo on the faces of people, and not look unnatural or weird. In Premier, there is a new feature called "Morph Cut", it can analyze and understand the video content, determine that it is what kind of scene, such as action scenes or portrait scene, thereby automatically recommend different effects. Compared to the previous manual adjustment parameters, the creators only need to choose different effects on it. In addition, the document processing load相关的主题文章:

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