A road trip in Western Sichuan ecstasy temptation tourism Sohu 9c8814

A road trip in Western Sichuan ecstasy temptation Sohu is difficult to resist the temptation of some tourism, travel in Western Sichuan is such. Sichuan travel both of time and space, has experienced numerous, will make people unable to stop many times! Because not always in the most appropriate season and time to Sichuan, every trip to Sichuan have regret, but regret is that once again set foot on the journey of the most sufficient reason in Western sichuan. Hailuogou long range in the weather, always elusive, and again in the rain of the night arrived in the mill towns of the west. The shortness of SWAT in the canopy, a rasping voice. Morning from the reflection of the window to see the sky is clear. Hailuogou glacier mountain scenic sightseeing bus in the valley line, the sky clouds had dispersed, the canyon in the sun, autumn is more rich, but the cable car ride into the soon entered the fog. Even if only vaguely see the glaciers in the fog, but also some excitement, the mood and the weather is not excited, wait for a long time also did not see the glacier picture, let alone to the king of Shushan. Masaie Terrier Redstone park have separate as the development of the scenic area, on both sides of the valley in autumn is more and more rich, color more gorgeous, the level is more and more rich, the cheers began with the whole journey. A step king of the road to let the speed suddenly slow, but still not in the viewing platform to see Gongga mountain charm, not regret. Changeable Zheduoshan Sichuan weather, every time feel very deeply, climb the home when the fog in the car after the stem with the flow front, the sun is shining, a confused look back. See on the top of the mountain pass in the snow in the sunlight is very bright, haven’t come and taste, surrounded by snow capped mountains will be rapidly floating to the fog. Metro to Kangding Road, hillside rich autumn against the peak of the snow, more intoxicating, make people unable to part. Every climb Zheduoshan is a new feeling, at the foot of the fog with the height rise into the sea, a way of cheering and screaming, people forget the high back pain, even after they cheered rapid panting. The sun makes the temperature suddenly rise, along the mountainous fold pass trail climb around a beautiful valley: the sea, alpine meadows, mountain road and mountain snow, at this moment, the mood with the wind whistled through the waves. There is always a real beauty cannot experience this fantasy, even if the real feet stepped on the hillside, even if these changes continuously with the flow of the sea scenery in front, even pressing the shutter fingers into mechanical movement, even took off his shirt in the hot sun all funny a piece of blood ruin…… Furthermore, leave Zheduoshan Haizi red, red to Haizi, said Justin. Near Kangding Airport runway to take Gongga mountain sunshine Jinshan, because of the time could not find regret. Hai hung around a large grassland, Haizi was surrounded by a block, according to the people by car charge. Lan Yingying Lake sparkled in the breeze, a group of cattle and sheep grazing leisurely in the lake, the distant snow capped mountains and the blue sky and white clouds xiangyingchengqu,…相关的主题文章:

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