A gabengcui! Falafel do lara fabian

A gabengcui! Falafel do falafel, probably is the most love dish. It is fragrant and crisp, and easy to operate. A, friends kids love! The main ingredient: lotus root, carrot 1, 2 celery root, 3 white beans dry plate, 1 bowls of flour (the key balls of brittle starch (OH), can increase the viscosity of Meatballs sauce, seasoning): cashew oil, soy sauce, letinous edodes Boletus step 1, lotus paste food to the head and tail, peeled, washed, peeled carrots. 2, lotus root and carrot wire brush (do not rub filament filament, like velvet like mix). 3, celery wash clean, cut the surface of the old gluten. Shoot celery, chopped. 4, Dried tofu chopped, all the powder mixed evenly. 5, add oil, soy sauce, salt, Boletus, cashew butter sauce, corn flour, flour letinous edodes (too much water is at the discretion of adding flour). 6, after mixing the material should be scattered, there is a suitable viscosity. (you can try a few fried try, if not, or can adjust seasoning ingredients oh) 7, with a spoon into a small ball, small fire into the pan fried, deep fried until golden brown, remove and drain oil. 8, fire hot oil, put into quick fried meatballs over the pot, immediately remove. This complex fried again, can make the surface of the balls is brittle and the balls in the oil extract. Less oil and more healthy oh. Golden, cute yo, taste Q bomb texture, a little pixel! It?!相关的主题文章:

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