80 small meat open entertainment Hunger Games – in the new network

80 small meat open entertainment "Hunger Games" – Beijing, a large network of comprehensive talent show "Star" was born yesterday launch conference held in Beijing, 80 players from all over the world’s first public appearance. The program is intended to start from scratch, a full three-dimensional display of the 80 actors to practice the star of the road, known as the entertainment game of hunger". It is reported that the "star birth" taped 11, live 1, a total of 12 programs, will play every Thursday night at Iqiyi exclusive broadcast on November 3rd. The program group said, actor Guo Jingfei, teacher of Central Academy of Drama can sue and well-known producer Chen Zhixi will serve as mentors, together with other six professional instructors, in performance, vocal music, dance and other aspects to teach. Participated in the "Thailand?", "man", "Chinatown pancake Holmes" and many other films produced by Chen Zhixi said that the program will not only teach players "art", more emphasis should be in the entertainment circle EQ and other comprehensive qualities, let players experience training, elimination, pressure test and other daily star. She also tells the players: "no good attitude, no matter how talented are unlikely to be a star." The producers announced at the conference site, the player can get a talent shows itself shows high gold content of the brokerage contract, the main role will be as big movie of the same name "the star birth". The players can get a reward, depending on the choice of fans. At present, the corresponding channel has been opened. (Wang Li)相关的主题文章:

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