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6 common sense before delivery! Sohu mother and child as the natural delivery protagonist, you should listen carefully oh! A noun: "threatened labor" was officially launched before the delivery, there will be some that mothers will soon be parturient symptoms, called "threatened labor". Many mothers in late pregnancy, especially after the term, near the due date before and after will feel a slight pain of lower abdomen, intensity, time interval of time is not the law, will not continue. This is the irregular contraction of the uterus and cervix not shortened, cervical dilatation is not obvious, the contraction can easily be suppressed, ease of sedative drugs. Usually we will call the "false labor", this is a normal physiological phenomenon. Some mothers will have a "belly relaxed feeling" or "the unborn baby dropped", eating will increase, breathing feels light. The fetal head baby to the mother’s pelvis and down oppression bladder, pregnant women often have the symptoms of frequent urination. In addition, the broken water delivery before the initiation of "red" and "symptoms are threatened labor". Noun two: "broken water" mothers before the pattern of backache, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, feel the vagina is flowing out, indicating that the rupture of membranes, we are often called "broken water", or "prom". Please note: after the water should keep the vulva clean, avoid standing position, and immediately to the hospital. Usually, the natural rupture occurred in the membranes of mothers to the formal labor after the first stage of labor, especially in cervical dilatation (10cm) to open all the time. Noun three: "red" most mothers in 24 ~ 48 hours before onset of vaginal discharge bloody secretions visible small, sometimes also mucus, which is called "red". The amount of bleeding red rarely, if more than menstruation should be considered no late pregnancy bleeding, such as placenta low position. Please remember: red is a reliable sign of the upcoming birth; but the emergence of the "red" may not immediately have labor pains. Therefore, mothers need not because of "red" and discoloration, but should keep a good mood at home, wait and see positive patient, to ensure adequate sleep and rest, eat properly in order to maintain physical strength. Noun four: labor process, that is, the process of childbirth. Expectant mothers are often asked, "how long does it take to have a baby?" in fact, it is said that the total labor process, also known as the whole process of childbirth. From the mothers appear interval of 5 to 6 minutes of backache, abdominal distension and abdominal pain symptoms (i.e. contraction performance) until the fetus and placenta completely out of date of delivery. 10 minutes two contractions and regular, accompanied by a decline in the expansion of the cervix and the fetal head, this is the true sign of labor. The birth process is a complete and continuous process, and we divide it into three stages. The first stage of labor, is the rule to cervical pain began wide open to 10 cm; the second stage of labor, refers to the cervix opening to the fetus; the third stage of labor, from the fetus to the placenta. From the onset of labor,.

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