69Members of the business continued to slump, the thunder bet money treasure users close to the total |Members of the business continued to slump, the thunder bet money treasure users close to the total 7

Members of the business downturn, thunder money treasure users has nearly bet on the total membership of Tencent technology news (Li Ruchao) August 25th news, the thunder’s heart network technology announced that its money – Thunder money treasure class intelligent hardware over 4 million subscribers; at the same time, the money will earn money treasure in the original "function, data sharing, add download function. And the number of users, has been close to 5 million 260 thousand subscribers thunder total. In an interview in September last year, the thunder joint CEO, net heart technology CEO Chen Lei also told Tencent technology, by the end of 2016, the number of users want to make money treasure reached 200 thousand. There is no doubt that such a growth rate and slow growth in the number of members in sharp contrast. According to the Q2 earnings report released in August 10th of this year, as of June 30, 2016, the thunder subscriber (members) from the same period last year, 5 million 60 thousand people, 5 million 260 thousand people grew to as of June 30th this year, a year has about 200 thousand increase. At the same time, the money treasure industry hosted by the cloud computing business, also began to reflect in the thunder earnings. In revenue, thunder Q2 total revenue of $38 million 100 thousand, an increase of 22.3%, an increase of 28.2%. In this, other Internet value-added services revenue grew rapidly, reaching $11 million 700 thousand, thunder, which is mainly due to the increase in sales of cloud computing bandwidth. In fact, from the overall strategy, thunder from the beginning of last year has been to make money treasure and star CDN as the representative of the cloud computing business as the focus of development. From this year’s Q2 earnings report, this part of the business is also starting to support the thunder’s financial statements. In the mode of operation, making such intelligent hardware "money treasure" as the end of the CDN network, network technology by individual users to buy the heart treasure money to deploy a named "Star" of the CDN network, in order to reduce the cost burden for the backbone room brings; at the same time, users can also upload treasure money to. Get some income, achieve the purpose of "making money". Due to the relatively low cost, the price of CDN services technology network heart is relatively low; even in the stability problems of a number of questions, but from the results of the sales network, the technology still has a good heart growth rate. It is worth mentioning that, in addition to millet, Iqiyi, panda TV client, network technology also started in the heart of VR (virtual reality) the field of action, partners include Insta360, Le thunder investment technology. However, for this part of the cooperation, science and technology Tencent informed, at the beginning of this year, the thunder led music phase 180 million yuan after the thunder CEO Zou Shenglong and help network technology and music by heart signed a long-term contract worth hundreds of million yuan, so that enterprises in the future will be using phase VR music star domain CDN.

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