58 years has witnessed the demolition and reconstruction of Hainan Opera Theatre of Haikou brilliant noiseware

58 years at the Haikou demolition and reconstruction has witnessed the brilliant new Haikou Hainan Opera Theatre renderings night. September 13th, in West Lake on the west side of Park Road, Haikou theater is being demolished and rebuilt, leaving only a "Haikou theater car park closed notice" notice at the site. However, in half a century ago here was bustling, crowds of fans, is Haikou culture collection. With the rapid development of cities, the old buildings may no longer exist, but the cultural memory of them will not disappear. Founded in 1957, and in second years into the use of the Haikou theater, was the city of Haikou, "cultural powerhouse", which is responsible for a large number of theatrical performances. Cantonese opera, opera, opera, opera, opera, opera, opera, musicals, Guiju, Huangmei Opera and acrobatics, folk art and music and other art performance, performing numerous big coffee in this stage. In half a century, the Haikou theater has become an important cultural window and cultural facilities in the city center of Haikou. Now the Haikou theater is being demolished and rebuilt. Haikou theatre. (map) Haikou theatre completed the former "Gospel" fans "at the Haikou theatre though, but after the completion of the Haikou theatre, became the most popular theatre." The 84 year old Hainan opera composer Wu Mei said the old man, he personally experienced the new two times for Haikou Hainan Opera Theatre, the old man, remember, then Haikou is the best theater theater. At that time, the Haikou theatre in quiet environment, there are Coconut Grove Mountains, surrounded by water, compared with the previous venue, performance space, sound and light settings as well as safety and health has been greatly improved. The theatre can hold 1154 spectators. The seat is movable, the audience is divided into three parts before, during and after the cinema is closed, no air-conditioning, but there are several large windows on the top, the air is very convection, more than 1 thousand fans inside the theatre, feel very cool." Wu Mei memories, the theater stage, there is not a small orchestra. Theater, band accompaniment in the pool. In the back of the theater, there is a large enough dressing room. The audience there are things the veranda, and a large open space corridor, show a break, the audience can rest on to this space. In 1978, Haikou ushered in the first theater on the west side of the veranda outside repairs, more than 2 thousand square meters of space built pavilions and pools, planted fruit trees, flowers and plants, also set up a rest chair. In order to give the crew a shelter, a two storey dormitory in the clearing up. By 1981, when the Haikou theater was repaired again, seats were added to 1400. Performing numerous big coffee stage theatre witnessed brilliant Hainan opera since ancient times, Haikou is the seat of the "integration" of the city of immigrants, from Fujian, Guangdong and other places of the population gathered in the city, in addition to Haikou people’s favorite opera, opera, Hainan opera, opera, opera, opera, Flower Drum Opera, Sichuan Opera, Huangmei, Guiju and dance drama, acrobatics, folk art and other highly sought after fans. At the Haikou theatre, daytime play opera, evening)相关的主题文章:

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