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"Bread tree woman" Shanghai love Joe Chen Joe Chen entertainment Sohu into a variety of entertainment news Sohu plays Cheng Yun Joe Chen’s career blowout years gained consistent high ratings and attention hot screen will also change their own perfect show in front of the public. Adapted from the Hongkong intellectual writer Zhang Xiaoxian’s novel of the same name, by Chen Mingzhang He Nian, CO producer of the year 2013, a drama director Lee directed by Joe Chen starred in the drama will be in September 8th to September 11th, Meggie in Shanghai Grand Theatre, the drama love heart, since 2012 the first show since the harvest good reputation and popularity, Joe Chen in the drama on stage is increasingly mature. Every time the audience can let her amazing, this will be staged in Shanghai what kind of love is also looking forward to. From the drama to drama by Joe Chen starred in all many excellent works, has been dubbed "the ratings Queen" title. Since "we have come to the" broadcast, and let people see the truth, she not contrived a bold but cautious. In the high intensity of work, she once again boldly chose the uninterrupted interpretation, the lines of the precise requirements of the highly difficult challenge – the stage drama, the woman on the bread tree. For the love of acting and seriously let Joe Chen have begun to taste the charm of the drama after a get out of hand with stage. Joe Chen, who has done all the drama work, is always nervous when she looks at the faces of nearly a thousand people. It is reported that the first stage before stealing sip wine embolden. In this regard, Joe Chen shy explained: the stage performances are completely different, it needs to use the whole body of actors to act in order to stimulate a different energy. This is a completely different from the performance of film and television works." "Bread tree woman" is a very emotional tension in the works, this difficult challenge let Joe Chen more excited: "I think in the drama, everyone holding a respect, good attention". Cheng Yun’s 6 tears, each time to release the role of emotion in the precise moment, but also for the first time to feel the audience feedback on the stage performances. Joe Chen is willing to accept this kind of pressure and will be full of emotion in the stage of release, will completely themselves into the process of rhyme. In the process of a formal performance, the hand was scratched by the props of her entire person into the role of the mood and even forget the pain, until the end of the audience did not have a clue to detect. It is because of her passion, dedication and professional interpretation that she also won the fourth Danny Award for best actress. Joe Chen is the "bread tree woman" "bread tree woman" tells the story of the heroine Cheng Yun and lyricist Lin Fang genius has a child in the process of love, to convey the writer for the thinking and understanding of love and bread, love and growth. The name comes from the bread tree in the process of rhyme words, I want the bread of love, can not only fill the stomach, but also can see good scenery. This and Joe Chen agree without prior without previous consultation opinion, she said must find a hobby with her the same man, and they are independent of the individual, she belongs to her good scenery, everything can be brave to face the unknown.    相关的主题文章:

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