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Interbank Financial " expansion " hidden danger – Chongqing Channel – People’s network in the first half of this year, the financial market continued to maintain the size of the scale of growth. According to the banking financial registration hosting Center released data show that from the point of view of different types of investors, by the end of June 2016, the existence of personal financial products size increased to 12 trillion and 710 billion yuan, but the market share decline ratio was slightly; institutions subsisting financial products scale is 7 trillion and 690 billion yuan; also fell 1.39 percentage points compared with the beginning of the interbank financial products; is the only surviving scale compared with the beginning of accounting has improved the product types, duration amounted to 4 trillion and 20 billion yuan, accounting for all financial products fund balance of 15.28%, an increase of 2.51 percentage points compared with the beginning. Interbank financial expansion, indicating that the bank’s recognition of the business, but in the long run, only the development of interbank financing will still face some risks." Pu Yi standard researcher Wei Jiyao said. In fact, the rapid expansion of interbank financing is not a new phenomenon this year. As early as 2014, the CBRC and other 5 departments issued the "notice on regulating financial institutions interbank business" (hereinafter referred to as No. 127), industry consolidation chaos, industry related business will bid farewell to the only as liquidity regulation or regulatory arbitrage tool has gradually entered the high-speed development channel specification. No. 127 States, a single commercial banks into the balance of funds shall not exceed 1/3 of the total liabilities of the bank, in the limited storage interbank business growth, but also promote the development of the industry in financial services. At the same time, relative to the personal financial business, financial transactions interbank funds larger, is conducive to the short-term financial impulse; at the same time, the cost of issuing financial industry is relatively lower, so no matter as the issuer or investment, trade finance both by the banks of the blitz. Interbank financing is still showing the development of a certain hidden dangers, some risks will increase with the expansion of the business." Wei Jiyao said that due to the existence of a more serious maturity mismatch interbank business, liquidity risk and interest rate risk are likely to increase. When monetary policy is tightened, the liquidity risk of a single institution is very likely to cause a large amount of liquidity risk, and then form the systemic risk of the whole market. If the future just to break, then whether someone is still willing to take over such a long period of assets, the product is relatively short period of financial products are unknown, the possibility of a larger problem of bank funds chain. Wei Jiyao pointed out that from the capital side, the current interbank financial customers 80% to 90% of all bank customers, customer type is relatively single; in the asset side, non-standard assets investment is relatively close, the local government financing platform or the real estate industry, the bank concentration increased risk. Finally, even if the overall credit level of domestic banks is relatively high, but in the current economic downturn, the credit risk increase is inevitable for the industry, financial affairs, banks should bear the interbank exposures, must also bear the credit risk of underlying assets.相关的主题文章:

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