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Why is the second child smarter than the boss? The whole truth is here! – Sohu education child IQ and personality, with birth order has no relationship? The answer is yes. American psychologist Nelson · conclusions of this research are as follows: the eldest child: a strong sense of responsibility, leadership, competitiveness. The youngest child: creative, easy to be spoiled. Son: like the boss, it may look like the old. Ranked in the middle of the child: personality is not clear, but usually easy-going. There are some special circumstances: if the eldest son of the second sex is different, the two children are likely to form the boss’s personality. If two children age difference of 5 years old, it will reduce the mutual influence, every child can become a "psychological boss" or "mental family". The above is the United States expert ideas, but our special situation… So, to talk about their own Dabao two treasure. When the early pregnant Dabao, popular hot drink, clueless, made a series of pregnancy complications, and anxiety, fear, and the child is hot and sensitive. Baby is small, extremely difficult to engage in, the time to eat, do not eat, the time to sleep. The whole parenting process, very suffering. After Dabao "baptism", with two treasure, the mood calm, confident, well conceived in October. The little girl once gave birth, don’t cry, eat and sleep. Moreover, the daughter of extraordinary growth and development, more than a year old love to read, more than two years will speak english. Parenting process. At the beginning of a Dabao, womanishly fussy all debut, too clueless. The two treasure is how the main belt, the direction is clear, Ne Kiyokiyo’s nanny. In addition, because the Dabao difficult to raise, and test the various schools of parenting theory in Dabao body. Now use two treasure, are Qucuqujing, not detours. Now two treasure just 3 years of age, IQ and EQ, has been in hot pursuit of the 7 year old brother! Therefore, a better question who both treasure, personal conclusion is: two treasure than Dabao, a lot of. Summary: no manual Dabao was born, parents are novice practice, touch the stones; when a second child, parents practice positive, mature, experienced, are more likely to produce a quality product! So it seems that the second child is really a big loss, loss, loss! However, there are a few words of truth must speak with Dabao: when parents take you to practise, really wronged too much; now you give Andy when sparring, really is not a small contribution. In a word, no matter who is big or small, who is short, every child is a unique angel! The weight of each baby, in my mother’s heart is the same weight! Copyright to all the original, if any infringement, please contact!相关的主题文章:

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