In western culture, collision back China the first Yuncheng International Tourism Festival – Guan Be 捷安特xtc750

In western culture, "collision" back China the first Yuncheng International Tourism Festival – Guan Beijing, Beijing, Yuncheng, September 25 (Liu Xiaohong) "Guan Gong culture" Shanxi city of Yuncheng province in order to create global Chinese Guan Gong worship Shrine ", held in September 25th 2016 China Yuncheng Guan international cultural tourism festival. During the event, mutual collision from 15 countries performing team and full of characteristics of Yuncheng folk culture, to help the tourism festival. "His hometown" Shanxi city in Yuncheng province in order to create global Chinese Guan Gong worship the Holy Land ", held in September 25th 2016 the first public international tourism festival. It is understood by Wu Junjie, by the Yuncheng Municipal People’s Government hosted the Yuncheng Municipal Foreign Affairs and Tourism Bureau 2016 China first Yuncheng Guan international culture and Tourism Festival opened in Yanchi shore of the ancient city of Yuncheng. At the opening ceremony of the first "International Cultural Tourism Festival, with parade and Yuncheng tourism resources characteristics become the main content of the interactive exhibition and tourism festival. The event, sounded the thunderous Gong drums, rose beautiful Jiangxian dragon, Yuncheng Yanchi viewing already showing stage performer an atmosphere of joy and harmony from Russia are performed. Wu Junjie during the event, more than a dozen foreign performing teams from five continents of the world artists, dressed in festive costumes, full of passion to show their traditional art. India Art Troupe, the French cancan wal shark group, Hawaii hula dance group, vibrant Spanish dance, Kyrgyzstan Naxiang send korean drum team, full of wild African dance, the extraordinary momentum of the Italy island has attracted many tourists at home and abroad. The scene, South Andalusia dance from Andalusia in Spain, they bring the dance is a traditional Spanish dance music, "two step" is a traditional Spanish music, widely circulated in 16, 17, eighteenth Century. The dance represents the Spanish temperament, and the use of the traditional elements of the Spanish dance, the girls dressed in white clothes, with lace veil, as if they came to the ring. Performances from abroad are interacting with Chinese audiences. Wu Junjie photo Korean Folk Art Troupe brought a "modern dance" beauty, beauty scissors peony, this dance is on the Korean Peninsula, in order to show the traditional costumes, dance and music of Korea elegant classical dress and classical woman. India wal shark Art Troupe in India in 2007 set up tent bubon, is the purpose of deep culture by brilliant costumes and exciting dance performances to the world propaganda very strong national colors. Through a variety of local traditional folk musical accompaniment, the actors enjoy performances, also will follow the rhythm of drum singing, performing a festive scene of farming harvest. In the parade, in addition to the foreign best dance dance team, full of rich Yuncheng characteristics of performing the project is to attract people’s attention, such as Jishan, Wanrong, Nishimura carried on stilts beasts and other national cultural treasures from Yuncheng 13 counties (cities, districts) of the 13 tour floats highlights the local culture the characteristics, showing the local tourist attractions)相关的主题文章:

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