The world roadshow Yang Yang line Wuhan military training site surprise carmex润唇膏

"The whole world" Yang Yang Wuhan military training site roadshow airborne Tencent made surprise entertainment news by Zhang Jiajia in the original screenplay, directed by Zhang Yibai, starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Zhang Tianai, Yang Yang guest starred in Yue Yunpeng, cuckoo, Liu Yan led the annual blockbuster starring emotional "passing from your world" recently is carrying out like a raging fire movie roadshow promotional activities yesterday afternoon, screenwriter Zhang Jiajia, directed by Zhang Yibai and starring Yang Yang arrived in Wuhan for the movie in the media will meet with three universities roadshow, Yang Yang night airborne to Wuhan Institute of Technology, freshman military training in an unexpected surprise. In the movie "passing from your world" roadshow WuHan Railway Station, Yang Yang and screenwriter Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai accepted an interview with the media, and went to Huazhong Agricultural University and Wuhan Textile University and students meet. When asked if Yang Yang and the role of eighteen Mao image contrast, Zhang Yibai admits no Yang Yang impression of him is "high cold idol hair comb, initially also strict in demands" worry about whether he can accept the play style, the results of the two meeting after hit it off, said the comic like excitedly discussing Polytechnic male image Mao eighteen clothes, make the film more vivid in the Mao eighteen. Yang Yang is also responding to the role of the role of the image when there is no concern about the problem, said Mao eighteen this role is very fresh and challenging, which is why I want to take part in". In the next two universities roadshow, Yang Yang not only read the micro-blog site wall classmates message, a magnetic subwoofer, attracted the audience screaming, and the director and screenwriter and all the audience to take photo frames, this time passing "". In Wuhan Textile University, have hundreds of students at the same time to grab votes fiery scenes, all run screaming crazy picture and a recent fire movie "Busan line" quite a bit similar, netizens have marveled at Yang Yang hot popularity, dubbed the tour roadshow is a "line of Wuhan". Finally, Yang Yang and surprise airborne Wuhan Institute of Technology, thousands of students are military cheer, and lead them to the movie "passing from your world" cry for a day of travel to draw a perfect period. The movie "from your world to pass" will be officially released in September 29th, the National Day file, Yang Yang in Wuhan University roadshow on the stage to all students also issued an invitation: "in September 29th, please come from my world." (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章:

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