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Cold knowledge: about lying, you have " in mind; number "? – Hebei Channel – People’s original title: cold knowledge: about lying, do you have the number? The 2016 annual "Ig Nobel psychology Award", awarded to Evelyn before the derby? And her colleagues, because they found thousands of people who lie, ask them to tell a few lies one day, and then determine what you can believe their answers. Although the old proposition of "the liar paradox" has been discussed repeatedly, can you do a "number" about lying? Why do people lie? Feldman, a social psychologist in the United States, believes that there are different levels of lies, and lying motives are classified into three categories: what are the signals of lying? Psychologists believe that people will unconsciously lie to others, and sometimes even do not want to think, do not even admit that he was lying. When more people are lying to conceal his heart, more is due to changes in various body movements and completely unmasked. How many lies a liar will lie in a day? From Belgium, Canada, Germany, the United States and Holland. The statistics of the psychologist in 24 hours looking people thousands, 27.52% of people said that their 1 or 2 lie, on average, each person will say 2.2 lies a day. Is lying related to age? It is not difficult to see that the age of 13 to 29 is a relatively high frequency of lying, according to the Evelyn derby and her colleagues’ statistics on the number of lies at different ages in the past 24 hours. College students love to lie to who? According to the investigation and analysis of "college students" lying behavior and attitude, lying object selection, most users of college students lie, as high as 86.3%, followed by parents and lovers, relatively few of brothers and sisters lie. College students love what? From the point of view of lying, the proportion of love and sex in college lies is the highest, reaching 47.1%. The second is learning, money and health. Many studies have found that lying is actually a very mental thing, and a lie often requires a series of lies to cover up. In this small series to say, "do not feel tired love, people do not split the storm time, please a little less routine, more sincere…… What do you think about lying? Welcome to share ~ source in the comments: "Acta Psychologica", "lies" Paul Ekman?, "the investigation and analysis of college students" lying behavior and attitude, family health report (Xiao Xiaojin handsome (Internship) design: (Wu Fanyu): Chen Siwei, commissioning editor Chen Ru Jian)相关的主题文章:

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