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Heat transfer to the land market in Wuxi: 1 billion 440 million of the financial record to get a premium of 269% of the land market heat has been conducted to the city of the three line. A day to refresh the highest price twice in September 8th, Wuxi ushered in Kim Gu’s first land grant, respectively from Binhu District XDG-2016-14 plots (Landsea new County South Block) and Liangxi District XDG-2010-39 plots (Dingcun Lane plots). After 1.5 hours, nearly 97 round of tug of war, the Wuxi Dingcun pipe Lane plots by the Department of Fujian Rongqiao housing prices to the total price of 1 billion 440 million yuan in the bag, the floor price of 13582 yuan per square meter, the premium rate of 269%. The new land was in sharp County South Landsea estate competing to total 3 billion 310 million yuan, a premium rate of 185.34% square meters, the floor price of 18050 yuan. Two times a day to refresh the history of the highest price of land transfer in Wuxi. Site information display, Dingcun Xiang river sea is located in the West District, Xi Liang Guangyi Road on the north side, transfer area of 53013 square meters, the volume rate of 2, construction area of 106026 square meters, from 390 million yuan, the floor price of 3678 yuan per square meter. Landsea new land is located in the county of southern Taihu Binhu town of Gong Lake Avenue and Tong Bridge Road intersection southeast side, land area of 73350.6 square meters, the nature of land for residential land, the volume rate of less than 2.5, the land premium starting price: 1 billion 160 million yuan, the starting floor price of 6325.78 yuan per square meter. These two pieces of land to shoot the price a bit surprising, like the Dingcun pipe Lane plots, the average price of second-hand housing around the square but also 5000-6000 yuan." Shanghai chain Market Research Senior Analyst Qian Ning Luo said, this is Rongqiao city in Yangtze River Delta and its overall expansion in depth coincide, gains in Wuxi plots in June this year, Rongqiao also in Nanjing Jiangning adventure through the highest price gains of land. Qian Ningluo said, Rongqiao is not for the first time in Wuxi, before the development of Rongqiao view mansion project to residential part has been completed, the average transaction price of less than 8000 yuan per square meter, compared to the time of the Wuxi new home transaction price is low, basically mid-range residential products in Wuxi. It is necessary to point out that even the Yangtze River Delta region, the strategic layout of Rongqiao this year also appears in the adjustment and transfer, the past penetration level higher or earlier in Huaian and Hefei, the layout of Lianyungang city is cold, and the core of the city such as Nanjing and Wuxi are significantly overweight. Shanghai Consulting Director of policy research Zhang Hongwei said that after this round of market promotion, including Wuxi local to the inventory of the measures, including neighboring Shanghai, Suzhou after the hot market, due to funding round action, but also led to the Wuxi market transactions. According to the China Index Research Institute released in September 1st hundred city price index, in August Wuxi new residential average price rose 6.76%, ranking first in the country. From the data, the current Wuxi property market has no pressure to the inventory, the inventory to cycle in 5-6 months, such a cycle to make the market continued volume and price, according to the hospital data, August Wuxi prices rose ranked first in the country, but also a signal that is there is no inventory to pressure. "Now Wuxi.相关的主题文章:

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