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The evening of October 31st listed a list of the good news national contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Finance News October 31st news, Monday evening, the number of listed companies announced on the evening of the following, for the good news summary: Huaxi shares: the year 2016 is expected to net profit growth of 5.8 times Huaxi shares is expected in 2016 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 540 million 560 thousand and 800 yuan, 583 million 462 thousand and 400 yuan, compared to the same period last year rose 530%-580%. Reporting period, the company achieved a substantial increase in investment income in the East China Sea Securities holdings. Pine shares: the actual control holdings of nearly 22 million yuan Songfa shares of the controlling shareholder, actual controller Lin Daofan in October 28th, 31, through the trading system of the total holdings of shares 434 thousand and 300 shares, representing 0.49% of total share capital holdings, totaling 21 million 622 thousand and 900 yuan. After the holdings, Lin daofan holds shares 25 million 514 thousand and 300 shares, accounting for 28.99% of the total issued shares of the company. IFLYTEK: $5 million and U.S. fund company set up Dan Hua fund iFLYTEK intends to participate in the investment by Danhua CapitalII GP, LLC and other Danhua Capital II limited partners jointly initiated the establishment of a limited partnership, L.P. (Dan Hua Fund), iFLYTEK as a limited partner, with its own capital subscribed 5 million fund share of u.s.. The investment and the company of indomitable spirit "strategy is consistent, which help the American company to introduce advanced technology for landing in China, to maintain the company’s core technology has always been the leading international, and promote the scale application of voice and artificial intelligence technology, the increase in overseas applications iFLYTEK voice cloud platform proportion. Rich technology: subsidiary company received 100 million yuan of government subsidies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Anhui province rich technology rich Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd. and Anhui Dafu Electrical Technology Co., the company received a disbursement of funds to support industrial in Bengbu city and Huaiyuan County notice, a total of 100 million yuan. Longzhou shares: 300 million yuan investment in the construction of the Longyan highway port logistics park Longzhou shares integrated logistics park to set up a item company invested about 303 million 71 thousand and 900 yuan building in traditional freight warehousing, modern electronic commerce and information trading platform, regional distribution distribution as a whole in the Xinluo District of Longyan city. Expected annual operating income of 47 million 282 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit of $9 million 667 thousand and 300, after tax return on investment for a period of 11.32 years. Huayi compression: Vice Chairman vice chairman of Huayi compression holdings of 67200 shares in the company in October 28, 2016 issued 2015 annual performance incentive fund and its own funds to purchase company stock from the two market bidding, a total of 67200 shares, the company accounted for 0.012% of the total share capital of 559623953 shares, average turnover of 11.80 yuan. theory相关的主题文章:

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