He met faker really fake SKT qualifying the whole people are playing silly devil 霍金hawking

Fake SKT Faker: really qualifying unexpectedly meets all the playing silly [Abstract] a lot of love SKT team love to their game game player ID plus SKT. But what happens if the players actually meet Faker? Because the S7 has not yet been opened, so many players in the matching mode encountered Faker. The results can be imagined. Many people LOL in love with their own love prefix clan, one is the worship of love these corps, on the other hand may feel that this name is domineering, more drag. For example, many players in South Korea like SKT prefix, of course, only a few of them with a small number of people with a certification mark is a true SKT members, most of the rest are passers-by. (SKT clan Kespa cup new family portrait, two bench face exposure) and recently due to South Korea S7 qualifying did not open, so passers-by are qualifying match pattern, many bronze silver low segment of the game player in the game also finally see Faker devil’s honor. Of course not to accept the devil lashing gift, especially in Faker and single on the line… Such as the bronze Victor’s a little worse. Recently, Faker is more interesting in the qualifying encounter a few [SKT] prefix players, of course, they are not a true member of the SKT, the result of such a fake SKT met the true Faker, the result is what it looks like? Let’s look at it! This Faker disc 19 kill jaszo encountered two "" SKT "of course they are not game player… A member of SKT. Dan is in platinum, when they sign with SKT met Faker arthorn results is like this: with the SKT prefix of the straight flash game player out… Dead by Faker wind impression SKT’s away game player out, Bang playing is very good. Remember in the S finals on time on Samsung, out residual blood Bang an anti kill head blind? The sniper accuracy is also good, but the "SKT" out a bit worse… With the prefix SKT game player bard since the game on the line Faker platinum Cinderella devil was suppressed, resulting in Faker early start rolling opponents. And when Faker play arthorn have an advantage, that is not generally can show a variety of shuttle, various Nirvana wall of various big move, almost put these platinum playing silly game player. Arthorn killed out, actually SKT and 19 head bard ember this game in Faker is relatively small, most of them are killed by other heroes. Most of them… Shindelar and Nelson contributed to tell the truth with the SKT prefix name, the game really met Faker, also lost so much, a bit sorry ah ~ of course to meet idol big devil or they will be happy. After all, if the season officially began, perennial activities in the king’s District of Faker is unlikely to encounter bronze silver, gold platinum players. When SKT met Faker really fake… People have almost been playing silly, but the devil was still strong! Completely.相关的主题文章:

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