Iphone7 can save the apple New headphones up to Tucao –it– people’s network helmet怎么读

IPhone7 can save the apple? New headphones were the most Tucao –IT– people’s original title: iPhone7 can save apple? The new headset headset to the subway was Tucao: pick up yesterday morning, renowned apple new conference held in the autumn of 2016, no suspense, iPhone 7 has opened a veil, in the starting line-up, China. In the eyes of Cook iPhone7 Series in high and vigorous spirits, is by far the best apple mobile phone mobile phone brush, Tucao sound but was "lack of innovation" burst circle of friends, especially the new headset incurred the most slobber. Controversy in the voice of iPhone7 can help apple out of the trough? Most claps to the headset this conference is destined to be lack of applause, because too many spoilers. And before the net, apple is no longer a physical Home button on the iPhone7, but a sense of support pressure touch Home key; cancel the 3.5mm headset interface, through the Lighting to control the headset, and provides the standard Lighting converter; optical image stabilization and dual speakers; minimum storage to 32G; camera upgrades, iPhone7 Plus for the first time using two cameras; better performance and battery life in the past; waterproof and dustproof IP67 level. A little deviation is the legendary "Navy" into a "senior black color". Stay up late watching conference friends can safely go to bed, whether or cancel the traditional dual camera waterproof, headset interface, the mobile phone on the first China creative mobile phone manufacturers to achieve The early bird catches. "In the Cook era, apple stop innovation, rational fruit powder may be unwilling to high price of hardware innovation no pay? In accordance with the music as the cancellation of the traditional headphone interface 3.5mm this point, for the iPhone7 point like." Music, as the founder of Jia Yi yesterday ridicule on micro-blog. The dual camera technology has been widely used China mobile phone manufacturers, someone pulls out a year ago 360 chairman Zhou Hong? Show their own mobile phone photos to Cook, which is a big selling point with black and white double camera. However, when Apple introduced the headset, the scene sounded the most enthusiastic applause conference. Why do you want to cancel the 3.5mm headset? Apple official said, this headset interface has more than 100 years of history, the team is also the courage to do this thing. After most of the year apple iPhone headset Tucao to the new conference are not all kinds of Tucao sound, the Beijing morning news reporters found that the new iPhone users for the most intolerable is "no headset jack" and "new headset". Because no iPhone7 headset socket Apple homeopathic launched expensive wireless headset AirPods, priced at 1288 yuan, in addition to buy separately. Users of this headset is the most classic evaluation: this year the highest rate of loss of goods. For the appearance and function of the headset, a variety of fancy comments brighter. Some netizens said that after the subway can pick up the AirPods headphones, Apple should launch a "search"相关的主题文章:

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