Many state-owned enterprises in Shandong Mid Autumn Festival initiative zero welfare pp点点通2006

Beijing Shandong many organs of state-owned enterprises active in the Mid Autumn Festival – zero welfare work in an old state-owned enterprises had the mid autumn festival had a very quiet, unlike in previous years, Yang state-owned enterprises where suspended holiday benefits this year. Because the business enterprise development situation, coupled with the eight provisions, such as Yang "zero welfare" of a few employees. So, in the end the enterprise can give employees welfare? What are the benefits of compliance? Reporter Zhou Guofang Chen Wei has 3 years of welfare holiday costs this year simply stop recalling the past the Mid Autumn Festival benefits, work more than twenty years old Yang feel. "In the past, oil, rice, noodles, moon cakes, these are basic, as well as a variety of seafood and meat. Add up to a total of more than ten kinds of it, and sometimes can not get a trip." In addition, Yang often also received 300 yuan fee fee. "This year, not only the abolition of welfare, no holidays, Mid Autumn Festival even paperback moon cake no hair." In fact, from the beginning of 2013, Yang benefits shrink, until this year to suspend payment. "New Year’s day, the hair of the unit is not necessarily more expensive, is a kind of mind." For Yang, the change of holiday benefits or let him a bit difficult to accept. Not only in the state-owned enterprises, government agencies, institutions, the original lively Mid Autumn Festival, but now particularly deserted". Liu Zhen (a pseudonym) is the Central District of Ji’nan City, a business unit personnel, seafood, vegetables, cakes and other items before the Mid Autumn Festival moved into, now only a bag of cakes, holiday costs are also not. The policy does not prohibit welfare units only for cost savings in the beginning of last year, the Shandong Provincial Federation of trade unions issued the relevant notice: grassroots trade unions can be issued Chinese traditional festivals in the legal holiday activities and the masses of workers required supplies, each member shall not exceed the amount of 1000 yuan each year. And one of the traditional festivals of the Mid Autumn Festival, grassroots trade unions can be issued related holiday items. Provincial Party committee deputy director of the history department, Lin Xueqi said, "eight provisions" and not to cancel the normal welfare workers. However, in the implementation of specific provisions, some units and departments would rather close tight, do not want to loose. The reason, some units and departments, policy boundaries are not allowed to worry about the accident, but also some units, in order to save money or reduce costs, take the opportunity to cancel the welfare of workers. After the eight provisions, workers should also be normal benefits, against some enterprises and institutions by the ‘eight provisions’ in the name of depriving the normal welfare workers." Shandong Provincial Federation of trade unions, said the official, but at all levels of trade unions should strengthen the management and supervision of the grass-roots trade union funds revenue and expenditure, in violation of the provisions of the act, should be corrected in a timely manner. Money is not spent part of the unit issued vouchers for 12 days, the provincial authorities director Zhou Hua received notice of the office, go to a supermarket for autumn welfare. Another employee of state-owned enterprises this year, the same benefits to a supermarket to receive, the issuance of coupons, but in the notice that only to receive a quota of goods. At the same time, some government units can avoid the Mid Autumn Festival and other concerns of the high holiday items. For example, some provinces.相关的主题文章:

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