Shanghai has BBC bakery opened the heavy oil license (Figure) 捷安特xtc750

Shanghai has BBC bakery opened the heavy oil license (Figure), Welsh Onion cake store opened, customers lined up tens of meters long, still popular. China News Agency Wang Gang photo source: CNSPHOTO original title: Shanghai red delicacy "a scallion cake" re opened the location (Figure) Shanghai Beijing 28 October Xinhua (reporter Xu Jing) from the "Shanghai red delicacy diners a month a green cake" 28 in the original site not far from Yongjia on the way to the fragrance. The new shop, a large waist in front of the old furnace production of iron Baked Scallion Pancake, Zizi La fried pancake, Congxiang overflowing. The sign shop door reads "hungry, please free to eat cake", from the beginning of the morning, there are a lot of people come here, on the sidewalk waiting for early adopters. The new store is bright environment before many, the walls are white tiles, table material into stainless steel, with decades old stove is still in the shop. Mike said that in addition to other sites are the same, every Wednesday rest, a 5 yuan, the purchase of 10 per person only. Although the network is red and boarded the delicacy, BBC program, but previously because of health problems, there is no business qualification and other issues, a Welsh Onion cake was halted regulatory authorities shut down. Many diners see Nanchang Road shop sign came to join. China News Agency Wang Gang photo source: CNSPHOTO Shanghai, Huangpu District reported that since 2016, the local market supervision and Management Bureau through the 12331 hotline received more complaints from consumers, reflecting the Maoming road 159 Lane 2, residents of the house was undocumented selling pancakes, poor hygiene, food safety hazards exist, regulatory requirements according to law investigation. After receiving complaints, the local market supervision and law enforcement personnel to carry out the investigation according to law, the operator requirements reflect consumers according to law "Maoming road 159 Lane 2, scallion bakery" closed, the operator also written commitment is no longer engaged in unlicensed business activities without a license, and closed on July 21, 2016. However, taking into account the actual situation and difficulties, Huangpu District market regulators in strict law enforcement efforts to find a new path for the Arab israeli. After the Huangpu District market supervision department matchmaking, online ordering platform, hungry, and reached a cooperation agreement by the hungry investors as "a green cake" at the site near the other to a new site, and bear the cost of opening new stores. Hungry what aspect, said the new store looking for a lot of effort, not only to take into account the store food safety, food production, traffic and other factors, due to the Arab Israeli action inconvenience, but also take into account the principle of proximity. After several days of search and consultation, Yongjia Road, a hotel offers a large department on the first floor as a snack street stalls business advice, I also expressed recognition. In the coordination of relevant departments, hungry, a large hotel and signed a cooperation agreement, finally set the store location, the decoration is also very quickly. "A big" popularity is still. The agency issued photo source: CNSPHOTO Wang Gang, said the store reopened "license", he will continue to help you to improve the taste of old Shanghai in the store, the food safety work, so that we can taste the authentic taste of old Shanghai. A smooth recovery.相关的主题文章:

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