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From the end of the "brush" arena: the main shop was a con within a con   single hand brush pit – communication channel — original title: from the end of "brush" arena: the main shop was a con within a con brush single hand brush single pit noun explanation: the store payment please people posing as customers, through the purchase and fill in false praise, to improve shop sales and credit, in order to more easily attract buyers to. Zhejiang provincial Trade and Industry Bureau recently announced that within six months seized a number of brush platform, involving a total of up to 120 million yuan, involving businesses of ten thousand, involving and other well-known domestic electricity supplier platform. In the meantime, the business sector also found a new problem – brush single gray industrial chain, the pit is not only buyers, looking for someone to brush a single businessman actually suffered black eat black". Recently, the Yangtze Evening News reporter on the brush single phenomenon multi-faceted investigation, to restore a cheat or fraud in addition to the single brush". Yangzi Evening news media reporter Shen Chunning Xu Jing Ma Yan Intern Du Yuxuan brush single arena, the oriole in the post…… At the end of the food chain: consumers into more than 3 of consumers trust "brush out praise" misfortune to the Yangtze Evening News reporter micro survey also found that although this year 3 CCTV exposure of 15 party? "Brush" gray industrial chain, consumers more in mind. But there are still more than 3 of the respondents had a letter brush single praise experience. "Impossible to guard against!" College students Xiao Cao said he bought a box of sugar from the rose, but apart and found a box of candy stick together. But the other party said the food sold will not return. And this store in the same sort of business in front of a comprehensive ranking, sales and scores are quite high. Ms. Liu to buy goods defective, with customer service said to return. But the customer service with her to praise to quickly solve the problem. "I don’t know how many people like me to send this letter to praise, praise online shopping?" 2006 began online shopping Ms. Cheng said that ten years she has collected a lot of good shops. To store shopping a little adventure". She looked at a store of yarn quality small coat praise a lot, spent more than 100 yuan to buy a piece of. Take a look at, the size and color of the basic text does not match. But she had no time passing, clothes had to idle there. "Just spend money to buy a lesson." In the press of the online shopping Daren Ms. Rice said, praise can not be full letter, there must be a single brush". She summed up some of the skills to identify, such as the wording of each evaluation, the tone is almost the same, or a short time in addition to the evaluation of the product does not directly describe the goods, there are suspects, such as she would not buy. The food chain in the end: shop owners want to brush the double crown, suffered a con within a con "according to the Zhejiang Province seized Industrial and Commercial Bureau cases showed that the business also suffered a single brush a con within a con, at least hundreds of merchants believe" as long as the 598, five drill home ", this to the next set of consumers first, did not think he was others pit…… Nanjing Taobao said the shop owner Wang told the Yangtze Evening News reporter to interview, he had to find someone to brush single, "come home shorn". "When a man in" Wangwang ")相关的主题文章:

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