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Xinjiang 90 guy with a new record of Comic Life – in the net of Tarim oil field for Liu Zihao’s paintings, painted scenes of his work. Liu Zihao Beijing, Korla, November 15 (Tan Hui) "this cartoon picture is here a few days I was very homesick, as well, the signal is poor, I often climb to the vicinity of the bag to call home." Liu Zihao said. From Xinjiang Korla 90 guy Liu Zihao is the Tarim Oilfield in 2016 the new employee, in the face of oil is not the same as working life, Liu Zihao has recorded 4 months of work bit by bit with cartoon. The picture shows the painting provided by Liu Zihao, painted a scene to work. Liu Zihao in the interview, Liu Zihao told reporters: "I like watching cartoons, cartoons in our university is to develop the habit of, in this way to record life, I feel very warm, very image." At the end of October this year, Liu Zihao suddenly to the idea, he used red, blue, black three color pencil, produced a set of simple cartoons, to record their lives in Tarim oilfield. Military training from the beginning of July, the first to report performance, come to the bag, first met buddy internship, vividly appeared in Liu Zihao’s works. Liu Zihao told reporters that his painting comics are the most meaningful work in daily life microcosm. "Well it’s my comic book most in the way to go, whenever in the wellsite, I wonder what practice tasks today? Is it better than yesterday?" Today, Liu Zihao slowly familiar with the work and life here, he told reporters, internship life so that he learned a lot of things, especially in the details of the work. Liu Zihao said: "in the future, I will continue to use comics to record the work and life." (end)相关的主题文章:

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