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Fu Lei: a lonely soul of Chinese intellectuals [Abstract] FU Cong once said that although his father was aggressive, there was a kind of Charisma in his character. This charm from his knowledge and the utter innocence. Zheng Zhenduo had sighed, Fu Lei Day can really be suffering for the "utter innocence". In memory of Mr. Fu Lei, and the soul of those like him "passionate and serene, profound and simple, affectionate and proud, subtle and straightforward. Fu Lei composed of Roman · Rowland photos (February 1934) a loner in September 12, 1965, Fu Lei as usual, write to write in London, the eldest son of Fu Cong. The first letter is addressed to Fu Cong English Mira’s wife at the time. Myrra is the world famous violinist Menuhin’s daughter. Fu Cong had been away from Poland to London in 1958, was to bring his father suffering and heavy mental depression, but after two years he and myrra love marriage, gave his father a little relieved. Since FU Cong after marriage, Fu Lei is no longer a single letter to his son, sometimes to her daughter-in-law, hope she can understand the views of a father to the family of China art. One day he almost to the letter talking about yourself, is reading a book, Charlie · Chaplin "one of the Books are numerous.". Fu Lei to myrra emotion, he told Chaplin in many ways congenial temperament, especially lonely. "My life is much more common than he is quiet, much more (and there is no real success), I am also very lonely, not for worldly vanity, including reclame." He read very sad, remember the distant past: "my childhood was very unhappy, pessimistic character generation, although never hungry — people are because of the painful past hope, never confined to the material shortage." For now, the biography of Fu Lei’s shock is unusual. Since 1954, Fu Lei has been writing to study abroad and the life of Fu Cong, the end of December 1958 due to runaway event interrupt. Later, due to direct instructions from Zhou Enlai and other state leaders, in October 1959 after their father and son were allowed to resume communication. From late January 18, 1954 to the first letter, a letter last June 3, 1966, Fu Lei wrote the interval usually in a week or so, at least three or four days, the most dense is at most a day. But on September 12, 1965, the day and night, he has written two letters, respectively with Fu Cong couple talk and deep reflection, between the lines, seems to be difficult to say the mood. In 1965, Fu Lei was suffering, the most difficult situation. Under the political haze, in translation, writing for children is his greatest spiritual support. There are 1957 to 1961 when the "right" lesson, Fu Lei put his own life and work space compression more cramped, almost no longer go out with people. He lives for decades are rely on the money, never to receive national working, and now talk to the spirit and life of the translation is due to the political climate serious and almost stopped. The year before the delivery of 50 words of Balzac "disillusion" trilogy, always can not.相关的主题文章:

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